Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ford developed the solar powered car for everyday use

Ford developed the solar powered car for everyday use
Ford has developed a conceptual model first and foremost on solar energy, which the world one step closer to the have a vehicle for your daily commute could bring, which is dependent on non-traditional energy sources.

The C-MAX solar Energi concept is a collaboration between Ford, SunPower Corp. and the Georgia Institute of technology. The concept car is expected to be unveiled next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Like all concept models can solar Energi concept never built the C-MAX or sold to the public. However, many of the features and technologies were, we see that even for the first time in concept models shown years ago in today's vehicles.

Use of Sun power

Ford says that the C-MAX solar Energi concept would be driven collected by using a special concentrator, which acts like a magnifying glass by energy.

The concentrator would take energy from the Sun, light and direct intensive radiation panels on the roof of the vehicle.

In theory the C-MAX could be connected solar Energi completely even without the vehicle into an electrical outlet must be charged. Ford believes that sunshine could until 75 percent of all travel in a solar hybrid vehicle, although the automaker doesn't yield a distance for these trips.

Solar powered cars do not

Solar powered cars have been developed and all over the world for years driven, but almost exclusively in competitions or research how far cars could programs to show travel without gas. In most cases, the cars were developed small capsules to keep only one driver.

The challenge has long been a way to find makes enough solar energy to a vehicle that could be used every day and have to use more than just the driver.

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