Friday, January 3, 2014

Even driving to 9% of car sales in the year 2035: study

Even driving to 9% of car sales in the year 2035: study
Sale of vehicles, to be able, even driving in about two decades, published according to a forecast by IHS automotive car industry consultant on Tuesday considered about 9 percent of global auto sales.

Concentrated itself can drive the investigation on autonomous vehicles with "needed no attention by the driver", IHS analyst Egil Juliussen said. " Such cars are currently not available for sale, but IHS predicts that she will be the market around 2025.

IHS expects worldwide sales of self-driving cars in the year 2025 to 230,000--less than 1 percent of the 115 million cars this year is expected to be sold.

But 2035, reaching a turnover of even driving cars 11.8 million or 9 per cent of the 129 million auto sales expected this year, Juliussen said.

Most are these sales in established auto markets such as the United States, Western Europe and Japan.

The pace of growth for self-driving cars that will exceed by electric cars, hobbled by the high cost of batteries, Juliussen said.

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