Tuesday, August 20, 2013

UPDATE 1-Ford to reduce the mileage rating on C-Max hybrid

UPDATE 1-Ford to reduce the mileage rating on C-Max hybrid
DETROIT, Aug 15 Reuters) - Ford Motor Co which will lower advertised fuel economy ratings on the C-Max hybrid of up to seven miles per gallon, the company said on Thursday, following complaints from consumers and industry experts, the actual behind the demands of the model mileage fell.

Since the issue of the discrepancies between advertised EPA reviews and real-word mileage a mileage range from manufacturers, especially the gasoline electric hybrids is concerned, said U.S. environmental protection agency on Thursday scheduled update their fuel economy labelling regulations, partly to these problems to solve.

The EPA said that 2013 Ford C-Max under his new rating system according to estimated fuel economy of 40 miles per gallon on the highway, 45 mpg in the city and 43 mpg combined would be exploited. Was the C-Max reviewed 47 mpg highway, city and combined.

Ford said that it controls to C-Max customers to make sending difference in fuel costs$ 550 for owners and $325 to tenants.

The EPA said that it tested have not reached the C-Max after receiving complaints that the vehicle the brand values of 47 mpg.

The move is a blow for the second-largest U.S. based automaker, which has announced its outstanding fuel efficiency and vocal in his desire to overtake Toyota Motor Corp. as the leader of the U.S. hybrid segment.

But Ford's dilemma has implications for other manufacturers of hybrid vehicles, which many of them have a reputation for their advertised mileage clinical outcome.

Ford's announcement comes about 10 months after an EPA investigation revealed that Hyundai Motor Co and its subsidiary Kia Motors Corp. overstated their fuel economy by at least a mile per gallon.

General Motors sold a variety of hybrid vehicles, including the Chevrolet Volt, said on Thursday, "closely with the EPA on an improved procedure that can help consumers deliver it reliable information through data supported works."

Customer magazine reports last year said that fell Ford C-Max and fusion hybrids about 20 percent behind their promised fuel consumption in road tests.

The automaker has faced several class-action lawsuits claiming that it exaggerated consumption on its hybrids. Last month, she offered a free software update to the C-Max and fusion hybrids to boost real economy.

Ford Technical Director Raj Nair said on Thursday that the C-Max an EPA previously same provisions in the family like the fusion hybrid, was pot so that both the 47 mpg rating together. 2014 C-Max, which is tested separately, get some hardware upgrades on the mileage improve.

The EPA says its fuel consumption on their website tests "should reflect behavior"typical"driving conditions and driver", but their ratings "may not accurately predict" real mileage of the vehicle.

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