Sunday, December 22, 2013

Toyota Camry again like consumer reports.

Toyota Camry again like consumer reports.
The Toyota Camry is back on a list that it traditionally each year featured - consumer reports list recommended.

It lost this status in October, since it had poorly done on a critical crash test Insurance Institute for highway safety.

On Thursday, the Institute published its annual report on the safest cars and was known under 39 models of the Camry a top safety pick. This designation can it back its place on the list recommended by consumer reports.

"We are collecting the bar with this list of top safety picks," said IIHS President Adrian Lund. "The new list shows State of the art security in 2014."

This year the Institute has been harder for vehicles to earn this distinction there.

The criteria include the minor overlap-crash test, which measures how well vehicles protect driver and passenger, meets the front end on the driver's side of a barrier at 40 mph. It is a test that has added to the Institute in recent years because small overlap collisions, which are the most frequently - and often deadliest - crashes on the road.

"There are enough models that have been tested and car manufacturers have improved the design of the models that we feel that this is part of the basic top safety Pick Award, should" Lund said.

Collision avoidance systems rewarded

The Institute has a new name - top safety pick plus - for these models, which do not only well in crash tests, but also as collision avoidance systems. These systems warn drivers and automatically brake features the car to stop, before it enter another vehicle rear ends.

Collision avoidance systems have become a popular feature in new vehicles, so that the Institute now test is how well these systems work with 25 km/h.

The popularity of systems is one of the reasons, there are top safety pick plus vehicles as a regular top safety more 2014 pick vehicles.

20 Of the 22 models plus awarded top safety pick marks are foreign. Honda and Acura, the luxury line have the most for all automakers, with six models on the list.

"Honda is way ahead of their competitors, when it comes to changes to the protection of the occupants in a crash and also add front crash-technology of prevention, to avoid collisions in the first place," said Lund.

Camry recommended status

After the loss of their consumer reports recommendation in October, Toyota Camry has made adjustments so that it performs better in small overlap crash tests.

The Camry had previously on the consumer reports list of model almost every year recommended been featured.

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