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Acura comes roaring back with NSX supercar

Acura comes roaring back with NSX supercar
Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau 15 clock.

Nowadays it is usual, that display "Concept cars" on the auto-show circuit, which barely veiled automakers versions of imminent production, such as the Acura MDX last month presented the Detroit Auto show.

But the show car that drew the real mass was a model to hit the road for at least two years, is not the reincarnation of once mighty Acura NSX - supercar.

The Japanese manufacturer is hoping desperately that re-born NSX will access the high line brand some much-needed attention and curious new shopper in Acura showrooms even before it reaches production.

When it was launched more than a quarter of a century ago Acura turns Americans thought about Japanese cars, proving that the Asians can challenge the established European and domestic luxury brands. But the initial success of the Honda Motor Co. proved much too fleetingly branch and in recent years, Acura has lagged in the rear part of the premium packs.

"It was a brave attempt when it was launched for the first time," says automotive analyst George Peterson, AutoPacific, Inc. And now, he adds, there are signs Acura "has reached the bottom of the Valley and is on the rise."

This was clearly something that the manufacturer to demonstrate if he invites automotive journalists on the racetrack in Sonoma, California, a few weeks back, the new Acura RLX check-out and test it against some of its most daunting competitors, including the Mercedes-Benz E-class and BMW 5 series.

"This is a big deal for us," said Mike Accavitti, Director marketing of the brand. "It is the best product we have ever built."

What the Honda subsidiary said its new "flagship" a stylish and technically sophisticated product, provided is the direct heir of the original Acura legend, that conventional wisdom on its head. In both Coupe and sedan ran superstructures, the original model of Acura sales chart quickly and, if at all, created a conundrum for Honda officials that the legend feared was better plate known as Acura itself.

Her solution proved to be disastrous. You not only replaced the legend, but moved to a new, European-style alphanumeric nameplate strategy for replacement - and the new models follow. The problem is that the cache of the original products will be lost and drivers was completely confused by the new name; was the new flagship of the RL or TL often heard about.

"Internally, they believe that (change of name) cost they lost revenue $1.5 billion," says Peterson, who has worked over the years to find out how the lost momentum to make up with Acura for strategists.

Exacerbated the situation, Acura in the face of a wave of new competitors, including the more upmarket Japanese upstarts, Lexus and Infiniti, launched by Toyota, Nissan and the Acura as a "Case study" looked at, says the analyst.

Acura seemed a hold in the early days of the new millennium with a range of products such as the smaller RDX crossover, sales climbing to a record 209.610 in 2005 and representations within striking distance of the first level luxury brands will be regained.

But then, observers suggest industry, the Honda subsidiary itself own goal shot with a number of new errors, such as the introduction of an oversized chrome grille shield, meanwhile, derisively called the "beak"

The new RLX and upcoming MDX feature a much smaller version of the alphanumeric nameplate strategy despite senior officials, admitting that it confused many customers remains committed to this shiny proboscis, but Acura.

But hope that a broader product line, receiving generally positive reviews will overcome such concerns. It should also help the Accavitti said new products such as the Acura-RLX at prices offered have "$ 1000s less than comparably equipped competitors."

In accordance with its roots in the meantime also emphasis on advanced technologies, from the State of-the-art Infotainment puts the new models, the systems for the electric Super handling all-wheel-drive Acura will start in the coming year.

This technical mouthful, abbreviated e-SH-AWD, is a plug-in hybrid, which deliver excellent fuel economy in routine can ride, but a vehicle like the RLX turn in a performance machine, if the driver stomps the throttle. The unusual layout that can be used a V6 gas motor and three electric motors also makes known on individual wheels to improve the handling aggressive cornering, a concept as torque vectoring directly.

An even more aggressive version of the system will be fast beating heart of the NSX, debut in the late 2014 or early 2015, Acura officials note is expected.

The manufacturer shall clearly the boost. Sales fell mainly sharper to only 105.723 in the year 2009, a downturn the entire U.S. auto market. Last year the manufacturer posted a strong win, but on the 156.216 it was cars and crossovers to almost 25% from its peak.

New year a good beginning January volume by around 13% is from year compared to the previous year, opposite of other new models such as the entry-Lux sedan Acura-ILX.

Acura still some serious challenges, but the manufacturer seems burglaries go for what some have dubbed a lost decade. It helps new products at the top and bottom of luxury sector - and a striking new NSX super car in sight, grabs the potential buyers when it goes on display.

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