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Texas car dealers say no special treatment for Tesla

Texas car dealers say no special treatment for Tesla
Texas car dealers, millions of dollars to prevent that Tesla is selling cars directly in the Lone Star State have spent, said on Friday that the Government built the country's automaker should change not his laws of a large battery system.

Bill Wolters President of the Texas Automobile Dealers Association, said CNBC he hopes Texas country the $4 billion to $5 billion "Gigafactory" but not if it the State required that all sales car be made slings by dealers.

"It's very interesting that a company come in and say, you give us your tax investment subsidies, give us our incentives and change the law. Do you think they come to the State, based on its own merits, '' said Wolters CNBC.

"Once you begin letting manufacturers sell directly, then suddenly I under 15,000 residents the dealers in 163 cities, they disappear," he said. "Had we controlled only dealers in major metropolitan areas with a price of the factories. Certainly not thats 26 million Texans not good for anyone."

For the record, Tesla said, that it change its new Gigafactory in Texas in Exchange for the State of his franchise laws, find. But it would not be surprising if this possibility is discussed, Tesla holding his options to provide where with the facility of 6,500 jobs.

A spokeswoman for Texas Governor Rick Perry, a Republican, the Governor told CNBC the comment not about possible negotiations, which plans, companies to Texas to win.

The initiative belongs to those rare opportunities for regions and local communities to land a large production facility, which could have a significant impact on the local and State economy. Be considered along with Texas Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.

"The largest industrial project out there right now," Dennis Cuneo said the DC strategic advisors consulting firm in Washington, D.C., "these types of plants come along very often and you can do bets, companies and politicians what they can to win this facility." who,

Cuneo speaks from experience. Before leaving Toyota in 2006, he helped the automakers choose the pages for several of its U.S. plants, including a truck-assembly plant in San Antonio.

"When I was considering the Tesla in one of these States, I track would as far as possible ensure that comes this plant in my State," he said.

Cuneo said, that economic impact of Gigafactory far beyond 6,500 jobs could go, foresees the Tesla. There are infrastructure and logistical operations, suppliers, and the potential to create a hub for research and development of power and energy systems, which would go to the selected state.

Because Tesla announced the Gigafactory, Cuneo said that he was contacted by three States, which are not finalists asked, how they can get radar on Tesla. "I would be surprised if an another 20 or 30 States reach to see Tesla at a certain time, if they can get this plant," he said.

The automaker said that it is planning to name a site for the Gigafactory soon with a projected opening of the plant in 2017.

For CEO Elon Musk project heard all his grand vision for the lowering of the cost of lithium-ion battery packs of less than 30 percent, while the supply, rapidly, so Tesla with demand for its vehicles can keep up with.

The cost of the battery pack is a focus for Tesla brings enough to the company a profit that third generation car for around $35,000 sell when it debuts in the year 2017 to allow. If this is successful, believes Tesla, the car to call many of the model E, which would lead automakers to sell more affordable electric vehicles for the mass market.

When this day comes in three years, believes Wolters, Texas is still a ban on direct sales of cars and trucks will have laws.

He said "We widely, are that on the most popular major retailer in our State because we have franchise laws that avoid that dealer is terminated by the manufacturer and take on the next generation of the merchant families of traders".

"We have more dealers in Texas about 75 years old, as there are over 75 years old manufacturers." So dealers in our State are forever and they don't leave threatening not the State,"he said. "Dealers offer much greater economic impact for Texas than Tesla would ever offer."

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