Monday, February 24, 2014

Honda boosts plant Mexico rank car export

Honda boosts plant Mexico rank car export
With the opening Friday of a Honda factory in the city of Celaya, Mexico, the land, always the largest car exporter in the United States takes another step in the direction of.

As soon as the Japanese automaker which final assembly operation is up and running, to overtake No. 2 auto exporter in the United States Mexico Japan.

Mexico, Canada and more vehicles in the United States than any other country should send until the end of 2015.

"Our new plant in Mexico is based on the Honda company maintaining a global vision to products of the highest quality, but at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction deliver," said Takanobu Ito, President and CEO of Honda.

The plant, which will produce 200,000 fit flow tail coupes a year, is Mexico's 13th full auto assembly plant. In contrast, there are 44 final assembly plants in the United States

"Mexico is the place to be in North America, if you are a car manufacturer," said Thomas Klier, an economist with the Federal of Chicago, specialized Reserve Bank in the automotive industry.

A number of factors are behind the trend.

The country location and many trade agreements first make it to create the perfect place for many automotive manufacturers and to send vehicles, according to experts.

"Mexico has the best passports in the world for automotive industry," said Joe Langley at IHS automotive. "It has FTAs with major countries around the world, and it is in the backyard of the second largest automotive market in the world."

Klier agreed on the geographical advantage.

"Mexico is almost like a hub for car manufacturers," he said. "they have the United States and Canada in the North. You can supply countries in South America and in Europe."

It also helps that Mexican autoworkers make about one-fifth of which are paid in the United States and Canada. And as more decision makers create or operations in Mexico to expand, increasing his skillful work.

Attention shifted now on Mazda, the first plant in Mexico within the next two weeks open. Audi plant opened in the State of Puebla by 2016.

This holes the next wave of expansion will start according to the experts.

"This is just the tip of the iceberg for Mexican auto production," Langley said. "I expect that we get to hear a few more releases within the next year."

Hyundai is the most likely candidate to head south of the border capacity, such as its US plants in the vicinity. And do not be surprised if Audi builds Mercedes-Benz and BMW followed more luxury cars in Mexico.

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