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Tesla in talks with Samsung SDI for the battery deliver much

Tesla in talks with Samsung SDI for the battery deliver much
DETROIT/SEOUL, Oct 4 (Reuters) - popular electric carmaker Tesla Motors Inc can call South Korean battery manufacturer Samsung SDI co. Ltd. as additional supplier trying add more models California car upstart and extend, although at least one source with the consultations entrusted the deal as far from done is described.

Tesla and Samsung SDI, a unit of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, confirmed on Friday that the two companies in talks with the South Korean company of battery technology, Tesla, supply, the manufacturer of the best-selling US electric car, the premium model S sedan with a price tag of $70,000.

The pending deal highlights Tesla's confidence in the future of all-electric battery cars, even if some doubters to predict that all electric cars are likely to remain a niche in the wider, global automotive market in search of clearer and more efficient technology. Some of these doubters see fuel cell cars as a promising alternative to the gasoline-powered cars.

Kim Sang-Eun, Seoul-based spokesman for Samsung SDI, declined to offer details because the talks underway. "Nothing's been decided," said Kim.

Tesla's Palo Alto-based spokeswoman Liz Jarvis-Shean, confirmed the two companies were in discussions but noted that was in talks with other battery suppliers and Tesla. "We continuously the best (battery) cells and technologies of all manufacturers evaluate," said Jarvis-Shean. You do not go.

Inaugurated after details of the talks between the two companies, two individuals but described the talks as in its final stages. They said that the two companies want to train certain remaining kinks in the pending contract for Samsung SDI-battery technology for the model X, an affordable electric car model will add expected to its product range Tesla in 2014 available.

One of the sources, which is in the vicinity of Samsung SDI, said discussions are "90 percent". He said Tesla and Samsung SDI haven't been able to close the deal, especially because Samsung SDI insist that Tesla, as part of the deal, buy other components including touchscreens from Samsung Group.

No financial details of the transaction available, but one of the sources said "SDI management thinks it is good for improving the company's image and ultimately helping them to more shops around the world."

According to the other sources, Tesla and Samsung SDI have SDI-battery technology test Samsung already done. He described also the supply deal, to be finalized in "Close".

Still disputed a third source familiar with the discussions the claim, which the two companies made the deal close to sealing, supplier said cells with battery cells by Panasonic Corp., Tesla's battery "nor" uncompetitive Samsung SDI technology is. The description of the talks, "incorrectly", is in the final stages said the third source.

The news came, as shares in Samsung SDI fell more than 3.7 percent on Friday, after the car sent the U.S. company shares plunge a video of a burning Tesla Electric over night. US emergency officials said that the fire in the electric vehicle lithium ion battery, appeared the latest in a series of problems for the batteries, which sold far in electric vehicles by various automakers are common.

For Tesla, the deal is almost a must, since it has only a primary supplier of battery technology, Japan's Panasonic, for the model S, which is its only product offering until next year, when it is expected to sell another model, model X.

Tesla officials believe that the company needs to promote competition between the manufacturers of key components to the diversification of the supply chain, and to ensure that Tesla has a stable supply of parts.

Samsung SDI provides battery technology for BMW i3 electric car, according to Samsung SDI spokesman. Samsung Group, which looks to slow and sales Feim smartphones, has tried, according to group officials ripe to position electric batteries as a space for growth.

The sources said Samsung SDI, as part of the agreement aims to provide those in laptop computers Tesla similar with small batteries. Tesla uses several thousand of these batteries in a beefy battery pack to power all-electric cars.

The sources said Samsung SDI would begin, Tesla delivers starting with the model X. The South Korean company also talk another future product for a startup Tesla in the year 2017.

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