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Surprise! You can not have your car.

Surprise! You can not have your car.
At the moment for the purchase of a vehicle the finalization of the title work that can pleasure might exciting rapidly numb, but when it comes to if hit with a not-so-fun, Department of motor vehicles (DMV) can visit. The sometimes tedious journey must ensure full ownership; not all new car owners follow through with him and encounter problems when the try to find your car to sell even that they technically do not have it.

As Operations Manager for flat 12 Gallery of Meggan Bailey handled the paperwork for the countless sales her fiance Jeff Allen, the owner of the boutique auto shop, makes. The pair, who both on CNBC's "the car tracker" displayed, find many problems occur after an appointments by the seller with unfinished or sloppy paperwork.

Make sure that it is in your name

One of the most obvious steps that the Bailey says people who is overlooked, after buying a car officially put the title on their behalf. This usually happens when people buy used vehicles or older, they are looking for, to restore.

"So that they all get these papers, they have their car and they think that they are ready." And then, they only to shake off that all formalities for the side want to sell the car until they and then usually, they don't find out the problem until then. So, now they have a buyer before them and they can not sell the car,"said Bailey.

After all, even the fastest DMV, takes up to 14 days to such a problem to fix. So it is recommended that a vehicle papers immediately after purchasing complete.

"Once you uninstall your name on the sign back, until what is Department of motor vehicles in your State to take", said Allen. "You pay the registration fees or numbers to the not-OPP charge or pay only title and get a title that is in your name."

Another issue that they often see occurs when a person has driven a car for years, to get the who then dies from a family member. If the receiver of the car is trying to sell it, he or she is still in the name of the deceased, and now one prove much laborious process to property endured must as if he/she would have used the paperwork on behalf of immediately upon receipt of the car.

Just like his body, inspect a car paperwork

The rules and regulations for title and what papers are prove ownership of a vehicle vary by State. Some require no titles on certain vehicles, so that often sell them, a contract of sale and the current registration is required.

What is paperwork required a buyer carefully it should scrutinize, how she physically inside and outside would control a vehicle, before you buy, Bailey said. Rips and tears, lines crossed out or dates, which changed by hand can cause all the problems.

"A different situation is Jeff when I buy a car and I toss aside the papers and then, now I decide I'll go and register it", she said. "But let's say on the title, he made a mistake and there are lines through it or dates changed and I treated two years ago with Jeff. I don't know his number, I don't know how to reach him and I have a title with all sorts of errors or eraser on it."

In many States, so a damaged title is null and void, she said.

"So only left is to try to link the car and certain conditions can it do you. But really, at this moment your car, not yours."

It is also crucial for double check, the print on the car corresponds to vehicle identification number (VIN), written on his papers. Allen and Bailey say that they find that a digit off in about 20 percent of purchases, they are trying to do, so stop stop a sale or it until the VIN can be corrected.

"In the end, you want to not only poor paperwork. It too long, takes to it clean, "said Allen.

Bailey adds, that a proper title and registration on file also protects against fire and other unexpected situations.

"If your title burned and register it in your name, you go and experience a double title," she said. "Although there are some large theft or fraud or calls when seized [vehicle] or [someone tries] to do a slim sales, you will be notified."

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