Sunday, December 8, 2013

GM has a U-turn on Chevy in Europe

GM has a U-turn on Chevy in Europe
After several years and hundreds of millions of dollars spent, Chevrolet wants a popular mass market brand in Europe makes General Motors reversed course.

The company on Thursday that retiring is Chevy vehicles in Europe as its no. 1 mass-market brand and will make his primary mainstream line of Opel.

It's the kind of movement that makes sense, if you are the numbers. At the same time, it raises more questions about GM long slog in Europe--where it has lost money for the last 14 years.

General Motors plans cars and crossovers in Europe to the setting of the most Chevy sales until the end of 2015, said the company. It will still sell, Chevy's iconic models, such as the Corvette, but mainstream cars like the Cruze under the Chevy badge is no longer offered.

Instead, the company in marketing and plans focused on its long-standing European brands Opel and Vauxhall. Opel sold five to one in Europe is better than Chevy, according to sales figures.

Wall Street reaction was divided, when former GM CEO Rick Wagoner 2005 would announced that Chevrolet will the automaker of the primary brand worldwide.

There was applause for the decision on a page. Some thought that will get it how GM its marketing energy use the mainstream flagship would allow.

"On the other hand many what happens with Opel?" asked Europe has long been in a fragmented market--with more brands than in the United States, see a continent with declining revenues in the competition. But Opel so Wagoners choice has it ditch for Chevy not easily would have been built up a strong following in decades.

GM tidying up of the mass market to a relief battle between Chevy and Opel fighting face each other in a crowded and competitive marketplace were.

With this new decision, it would seem that GM finally to admit is his plan to the push Chevy in Europe failed.

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