Wednesday, August 7, 2013

AutoNation July new vehicle sales up 17 percent

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida-AutoNations new vehicle sales rose 17 percent in July from the previous year's period to a supplement sales day in the period.

The country's biggest car dealership chain said Friday that it sold 25.403 new vehicles last month. Sales of domestic vehicles 23 percent rose 19 percent, while premium luxury vehicle sales climbed. Sales of the vehicles rose by 14 percent.

There days 25 sales in July compared to sell 24 days a year ago.

Sales of new vehicles in garages open at least a year by 12 percent to 24.195 vehicles has increased. This figure is an important indicator of a car dealership health, because results of the place recently are opened or closed out.

Last month, AutoNation reported that its earnings rose in the second quarter by 14 percent on strong growth in all business units.

AutoNation Inc., with in Fort Lauderdale, Florida based, is his new August vehicle sales through Sept. 5 reports.

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