Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sales leads new data to adjust inflation rates for U.S. auto sector

DETROIT, Aug 2 Reuters) - car industry's weaker than expected overall results for July disappeared updated data uses the US on Friday after the Federal Government released, calculate the annual sales per month.

The US Office of economic analysis (BEA) on Friday released the new pace calculated seasonal factors used to monthly sales, in turn, Autodata calculate a rate for July of 15.8 million vehicles according to the market research firm. Reasonable analysts expectations, rather than falling short, because it looked on Thursday, when the rate was 15,67 prior to the recalculation.

Analysts, who warned the BEA that recalculation could shift results from some tenths of a point, said the July sales to individual consumers, also known as retail, unbroken.

The new calculation that is done each year to compensate for variations such as weather and holidays, affected all numbers, what changes for each month.

April had been, for example, the only month of this year, to year 15 million sales minimum, when it originally came to 14.92 million. The rate for April is now at 15.19, now makes the last month fall under 15 million October 2012.

Industry executives have said that they expect sales for the U.S. auto industry to the end of the year between 15 million and 15.5 million vehicles, which would be up from 14.5 million in the last year.

Julis updated sale review follows June rates recalculated 15.88 million. This gives two consecutive months with a strong pace of sales, the U.S. industry as it leads towards autumn, when automakers release usually new models, to lure buyers into the showrooms.

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