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Young women are more likely to die in traffic accidents than men

Young women are more likely to die in traffic accidents than men
Paul A. Eisenstein the Detroit Office 30 may 2013 to 1:00 PM ET

Young women are more likely die in a car crash as a man her age, because they are much more fragile according to a report this month by Federal safety regulators. That changed when both age, but when men reach less robust and less likely to survive a crash.

The study, authored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, was not intended, to determine, what sex is more like text or speed - risky behaviours that lead to crashes, even though research has found that young men more likely to accelerate. Instead, NHTSA is trying, compare how men and women fare, if otherwise similar crashes occur.

Total women were the most vulnerable, 17 percent more likely to be killed.

Between 21 and 30 years, female drivers are 25.9 percent more are killed, based on a study of 50 years to US women who are passengers 29.2 percent even more likely rather die in a plane crash than male individuals - crashes.

349 Pages study it, that young men tend to be brawnier and their bodies are more likely to forces of a potentially fatal accident. The study also says that younger women, to wear seat belts, rather be thrown out of a car, one of the biggest causes of serious injuries.

35 Are women and men even more in terms of the probability of dying in a car accident. Female drivers have retired to a better chance of surviving than men aged 65 to 74 years.

Older female passengers are however still 11.2 percent more likely than men, killed the NHTSA found.

This is not to say that older women of less likely that die in a crash than younger women are: youth has its advantages for both sexes.

Each year by a person life, male or female, 21 years increases the risk of death about 3 percent. Other studies have found that an elderly woman died four times more likely in a crash as a 21-year-old woman.

For men, the increase is even more extreme, that could explain why the gap between men and women later in life. A 70-year-old male driver risk of death increases five-fold.

Proposed federal agency, perhaps simply reflects the fact, that "healthier seniors pursue further, while less healthy senior citizens only as passengers can ride."

The increased risk for older people has caused, auto manufacturers and regulators are looking for solutions. There were proposals for the creation of a separate crash-system of of rating to indicate how seniors in individual vehicles tariff.

Ford Motor Co. has expanded the use of a new system, combines the airbags and seat belts in a unit. The device is now offered on various Ford models including the Flex "People mover". There is an option for the middle row of the seven car, where older passengers are more likely to sit, the company says.

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Regardless of age, deaths have fallen car dramatically in the last fifty years. Dipped after NHTSA highway deaths to 32.367 during 2011. This was minus 1.9 per cent compared with the previous year and was the lowest number since 1949 there was a slight upturn in the last year, although why remains unclear. Experts suspect that SMS might reasons during driving and mild weather.

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