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Los Angeles synchronized lights; Traffic increases

Los Angeles synchronized lights; Traffic increases
Paul A. Eisenstein the Detroit Office may 30, 2013 at 7:37 AM ET
ROBYN BECK / AFP / Getty ImagesLos Angeles is famous for his car sucht-, whether in their convertibles cruising, or (more commonly) congestion sit in the monster traffic on the highway. But apparently, that traffic record, after planners synchronized traffic lights.

Los Angeles has become a symbol of America's traffic - its streets and paths that frozen still know often during the growing period, as rush hour.

But urban planners believe that they accelerate things can in the few months after completing a project, in the works of nearly three decades since come.

Of the smallest neighbourhoods, the largest downtown intersections, the city of all its traffic light has synchronized. Area of 469 square miles, Los Angeles is the first major city to achieve this milestone and is already a reduction in journey times by around 12 percent in some parts of the city.

"We actually see the flow of traffic. Michael Rose, a freelance film and documentary that so unusual, is what in Los Angeles,"said producer in the vicinity of Los Angeles/Santa Monica border. "It is such a relief."

Los Angeles is a city on wheels, and despite the efforts of the mass transit system, expand, few expect to move that many drivers off the road.

The traffic is so strong that highways - including the core-405 route - much of the day on a crawl to move. Off-highway traffic jams added to commuters know this often limited access roads to give surface streets.

The problem is that a single badly-timed light along a major street to create a massive ripple effect, creating tie-ups, to extend, for blocks, even miles in each direction.

Goal was to synchronize traffic lights so that travel, say a car, Wilshire Boulevard, one of the busiest boulevards of the city extremely freely miles could travel, if they maintain the posted speed limit.

The challenge was to coordinate a network of 4.398 street lights, especially if they contain complex intersections in the three, four, even, that merge more roads.

The project comes from the Olympic Games in 1984 that an event would be feared regional stop many officials of the city. The first attempt at lights focused sync on the area around the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, site of the Olympic key events.

"Due to the success of this system, the City Council asked that we expand it citywide,", said Verej Janoyan, senior traffic engineer with the City Department of transportation.

Part of that challenge came up with the computer capability, the city large traffic light network analyze calculate posted speed limits and then come up with the right timing algorithm. Add the network to control the traffic lights, 350 million increased the price for the project $. In the light of the California recall, the project was stretched for almost 30 years.

The programming is not inflexible. The project was also a network of cameras, the traffic manager a real time look at that happen on the streets of Los Angeles can give. You can quickly change according to shifting daily commute patterns - as well as construction and traffic accidents.

Experts warn that it even if the system is simply overloaded. At rush hour it is often impossible for motorists come close at posted speed limits.

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But for the rest of the day, it signs that up to 12 per cent in some areas will be cut off is time travel.

It remains to be seen how many funds follow example municipalities, especially in the densely populated Orange County, the city. But studies show that millions of dollars in lost productivity to generate traffic Snarls and exacerbate the region's problems endemic to smog.

"You really see a difference" says documentary producer rose. "It is truly amazing. The only question is why they previously does not do this."

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