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Detroit notes on battery-powered sports car

Detroit notes on battery-powered sports car
Paul A. Eisenstein, – 5 pm.

If you familiar with automotive history you might also see the name of Detroit electric. The Motown factory rolled out about 13,000 battery powered cars between 1907 and 1939, providing a record 211 miles a charge, even today still an impressive number.

Although the company to survive not the great depression, his name was revived in 2008 by Albert Lam, one-time CEO of Lotus Engineering. As other would-be battery car companies that reborn Detroit electric had a rough go, almost dissolve if partnered with zap, the other electric vehicle manufacturers reduced.

Somehow the Motor City manufacturer has quietly reveal one worked on its first product line and Detroit electric plans new electric sports car, sends a teaser image of that is in memory.

The teaser image shows the use of energy-efficient LED lighting, together with a highly efficient aero body style.

Not the preview in Detroit, or even the upcoming auto show in New York will ironically take place. Instead, Detroit electric plans "an exciting announcement about an important partnership with a global automaker next month Shanghai Auto show to share".

The start not much is revealed, but says that its first product is a fully electric, two-seat sports car. She will produce the new model by late summer in a small plant near Detroit, which is expected to have an annual production capacity of 2,500. The manufacturer is planning to make 180 employees, including those in the system, as well as for sales and marketing.

"We are on our part to do this great revival of Detroit through innovation, entrepreneurship and determination - what we call as 'Detroit 2.0,'" said Don Graunstadt, CEO of North American operations. "Our investors and the management team are grateful for the State of Michigan, for the help provided in Detroit electric to carry the heritage, which began in Michigan so many years ago allows."

The automaker promises that the sports car is the first in a "family of high performance electric vehicles" to follow, including the two other planned until late 2014.

CEO Lam notes: "the sports car we will our ability to to create an exciting and innovative product, to show the world. This DNA will be translated on our future sedans; All our cars are fun to drive and offer exceptional performance within their class."

Detroit Electric's plans are ambitious, but also risky. Despite the press, which have generated in recent years electric cars, limps back demand far behind expectations. Established manufacturers like Ford and Nissan hope to ramp need urgently to sales this year - the Japanese manufacturer a boost have opened a new assembly plant for its battery-electric vehicle leaf in Smyrna, Tennessee at the end last year.

It's been a particularly hard time for battery startups. Several, like bright automotive, have folded, while CODA hardly hang. Fisker Automotive is cash short and looking for partners with deep pockets. Tesla Motors, was a larger than expected loss in the fourth quarter in the meantime but sure that strong demand helps its model S it publish its first profit this quarter.

Detroit electric consumers can arouse interest and whether it has the financing remains weather a slow to wait for booting.

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