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Automakers sound off about noise rules

Automakers sound off about noise rules
Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau 11 clock.

Whining has always been a noise, which have resisted by the world automakers in the years tangible proposals by Governments, civil society groups and consumer advocates, the cars make safe operation in congested environments.

So it is really no surprise automakers - including domestic, Asian and European companies, who generally agree with can't, pedestrian oncoming electric cars and other nearly silent vehicles complain on that blue color is all - Obama administration recommendation to alarm in unison.

The carmakers initially supported the idea but now claim of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed rules visually impaired warn using minimal noise level and are far too stressful pedestrians and other cyclists.

The rule "is too complicated and unnecessarily prescriptive. If proposed to implement it would lead, warning that louder than necessary, more than necessary, '' said creating drivers and passengers hassle and costs of the Alliance of automobile manufacturers and the Association of the global car manufacturers in common written comments to NHTSA.

Federal estimates fall will the odds on a hybrid vehicle in a pedestrian involved are 19% higher than with conventional gas - or diesel-powered vehicles. For a car-bicycle crashes, it is 38% higher.

The rules should complain gradually implemented from September 2014, but manufacturers also the timetable "is not possible", and they want to completely revise its proposal, NHTSA and publish before issuing a final regulation.

If the rules don't change, car manufacturers scrap to the stage and needed the new tones on all models as of 2018. (Some manufacturers already provide a noise-making feature, but mostly allow drivers to close the sounds, if you can find them unattractive)

NHTSA expects the proposal, approximately 23 million $ in the first year costs and estimates the more per vehicle costs $35. But automakers say that the cost of the components could be estimated five times as high as NHTSA. But still not the automakers appreciated, how much it could cost to their constant whining to replicate.

Yet automakers followed when communicating with the Government, that no cars can currently meet the requirements. Automakers are considering to make an adaptation of an existing alarm sound control module the necessary sounds. Automakers should the rules for speeds of 12.4 miles per hour or less shall apply while NHTSA proposed the rules apply to speeds up to 18.6 miles per hour. Automakers argue that warnings about 12.4 miles per hour is interfering with tire noise.

The sound should be audible sounds in a range of road and background, when the vehicle at low speeds on the road.

Want a new meeting with NHTSA talk car manufacturers about ways to the US regulations to harmonize with those in Japan and the European Union. The producers note that require continuous noise at low speeds or when stopped at a red light in conflict would stand with what Japan and the European Union plan. Regulators there have called this proposal "unacceptable due to noise pollution worry."

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