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New Mercedes sedan: 156 buttons, 24 speakers, seat hot stones massage

Paul A. Eisenstein, day

Probably, introductions of the model year observed one of the strongest 2014 Mercedes-Benz is interest with the release of the first teaser images of the next-generation S-Class sedan underway already.

Known within the company as the W222, the new model will have to fill some big tire tracks. The S-class premium luxury segment is the benchmark for the traditionally, that manufacturers such as BMW, Audi and even upstart Hyundai have to hunt.

In turn Mercedes less than modestly describes the 2013 S-class as "the best car in the world," adding that it is "the essence of luxury." It remains to be seen whether that is true, but these pictures show picky buyer to meet Mercedes is the target and keep the competition on the edge.

While the images show little about the case, the recent spy shots suggest Mercedes will assume, some first seen on the new CLA model, with a series of arcing body folds, as well as some details of narrow from the current design language CL Coupe and E-class updated recently, including high, tail lights and more slot-like spotlight.

Mercedes plans to load up on technology, and will integrate two large high-resolution color displays instead of the old S-class-mix for digital and traditional analog meters. The most important widescreen Panel, 12.3 inches on the diagonal is primary tasks such as the speedometer and RPM meter, while a smaller panel right, treat infotainment and other vehicle-control tasks. This includes cloud-based system just launched the new mBrace2.

Even with this touch-screen system, there are reports that the new S-class is a whopping 156 will feature various buttons and switches, front and rear, including a dozen on the steering wheel, 23 on the driver's door and another 13 on the passenger door. Rear passengers have to sit back 15 more on each its doors including the rear seats of almost 45 degrees. Even the rear Cup holders will need three buttons to operate.

To the systems that are controlled by this touch screen the fully automated front seats - the 14 separate air bubbles, the adjusted backrest, lateral support for the driving hard to increase and even offer six different massage Options feature - one, the lingerie manufacturer is working on "hot stone principle."

The new "climate control"Thermotronic-climate control system not only provide individual temperature and fan controls, but make it possible, individual passengers offer the possibility of how much fragrance balance they experience from the "active perfuming system."

Passengers have their own entertainment system required according to Mercedes, 30 million lines of code. If anyone on the same music can some, the new S-class with a 1,500-watt Burmeister 3D can switch audio system 24 speakers are equipped.

As waiting at features such as final vehicle dimensions and drivetrain Mercedes, until closer to the unveiling of the new S-class, which sources say, is scheduled for may.

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