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Colors for 2012 are America's favorite car...

Colors for 2012 are America's favorite car...


This white BMW is very popular among car buyers the color this year sporting.

By Dee-Ann Durbin associated press
If you this year a new vehicle bought, chances are high it was white or silver.

Twenty percent of cars and trucks that have built for the model year 2012 white color, making it the most popular color worldwide. Silver is close behind, at 20 percent, followed by black at 19 percent. Grey and Red follow to five round the top.

The most popular color for the second consecutive year is white to silver in 2011 to overtake. The annual rankings are body supplier PPG Industries Inc., compiled a company headquartered in Pittsburgh, allows the colors to General Motors co., Ford Motor Co., BMW AG, among others.

The rankings are skewed somewhat by the large number of pickup trucks on the market. TRUCKS accounted for 55 percent of North American production in the first eight months of this year after the automobile Ward, compiled data. Every fourth cartridge produced is white, because entrepreneurs often use as a work truck and paint logos on it. In contrast, 19 percent of midsize cars in North America are made white.

White, which was popular in the 1980s a comeback as a modern, tech color thanks partially Apple Inc. all white stores and shiny white gadgets, make, said Jane Harrington, PPG Manager color styling for car companies. Manufacturers make more varieties of white, from the flat, bright Pearl White white on many vans to the cream of the luxury SUVs.

Silver rose in popularity as high-tech color starting in the 2000s. Popular remains, because it underlines every angle of a car, said Harrington.

"Silver great looks on each design," said Harrington.

Grey and black - rental got increasingly popular as buyers during the downturn stopped and bought vehicles, who expected to hold them for a long time, Michelle white and other "Web-safe" colors - silver, Killen said GM lead designer for outer coatings colors. They were some more daring colors on the market, like the one on the Ford Fiesta or bright orange on the Scion iQ magenta suspicious towards.

"Buyers want to buy a color, the one you will not tired grow over a longer period," said Killen.

Color settings are dependent on geography. Here you will find other Red vehicles in North America. Overtake silver in popularity in Europe, black and grey. Driver in Asia such as tan and gold, but not green. Only about 7 percent of the cars in each region are blue.

PPG, developed for mobile phones, laptops, airplanes and houses also colors, based his automotive coatings on trends that it looks in fashion, interior design, and other areas. Harrington saw color in Paris to show, for example, many purple at a recent home so that she helped to develop a violet grey colour for cars. PPG launches result colors to automakers three or four years before publication of the model and automakers two sit down on colors or three years earlier a model goes on sale.

Harrington predicts that customers more Brown and orange watch in the next two years, particularly on luxury cars. Brown - reminds people of leather or a rich Cup of coffee - reminiscent of luxury around the world. Earthy colors are also attractive for drivers worried about the environment.

As in model years 2015 and 2016 the PPG shows 64 future color options on automakers this week. Among those are al fresco, a Silver metallic with a green tint; Glacier, an icy gray with a violet blue tone; Elixir, a metallic mixture of silver and magenta.

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