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Toyota recall derailed car manufacturer of the recovery efforts

CNBC Phil LeBeau has the details on the massive recall of non-functioning power switch window car manufacturers.

By Paul A. Eisenstein, NBC News Aikens
It would have been a good day for Toyota. With sales surging after last year's dismal decline, expected that automakers received word, that their owner loyalty of the highest in the industry for the first time since 2009 was.

But even as consulting firm Experian Automotive, the new owners of loyalty data free Toyota had an own announcement: a new recall with 7.5 million vehicles through a potential fire hazard. Not so random, 2009 was the year the the Toyota in the embarrassing unintended acceleration scandal got involved, which eventually forced about 14 million cars remember it together with other security-related issues.

An another embarrassing setback for the Japanese could prove the new recall, which sold 2.5 million Toyota and Scion brand cars, trucks and crossovers includes in the United States, after aggressive on their brand image to rebuild giant, which is paid with clear double-digit sales gains in the United States

The announcement comes as Toyota faced an another potentially serious setback. Toyota slicing with many Chinese consumers boycott of Japanese products because of the dispute over ownership of a chain of islands in the East China Sea temporarily through the half production in the today's largest passenger car market in the world.

How much the latest recall the perception of the brand Toyota will have remains to be seen. It is clearly an embarrassment, industry analysts agree, for more vehicles than any other single global callback for the 2009/10 actions, relating to Toyota's sudden acceleration problems.

In this respect it dominates callback headlines in recent months has almost every auto manufacturer Chevrolet, Ferrari, .said Rebecca Lindland, Chief auto analyst at IHS automotive, the steady drums hit.

"Toyota has to vary a very loyal owner base, and this (latest recall), will not," said Lind country. "But for those people on the fence about buying a Toyota, this will have." "It could be more difficult getting new buyers into the showroom."

Loyal shoppers have the double-digit growth fueled the Toyota sales in the first nine months of the year 2012. For September, demand jumped to products that the manufacturer of three U.S. sells brands 41.5 percent.

Toyota loyalists
A large part of the business came from Toyota Loyalists, of which many waited due it during the product-lack of 2011, the March earthquake and tsunami, which shut down almost the Japanese auto industry.

But with an industry-leading loyalty of 47.3 percent, according to Experian, Toyota has filled yet its exhibition rooms to keep up with new customers. And that was where the situation with Toyota's safety record get risky back in the limelight, said art Spinella, CNW marketing.

It happened not as CEO Akio Toyoda is not to, at least, according to Toyota. Aggressively grilled by a Congressional Committee in 2010, the grandson of Toyota founder promised to increase efforts of the manufacturer quality control and change that long said a corporate culture critic, tried to conceal safety problems.

The latest recall has made impact on a variety of different models before the unintended acceleration scandal. And the new safety campaign underscores a challenge that all manufacturers are, as they try, making economies of scale increase through the exchange of component-in this case one broken window power switch-in a wide range of products.

Yet warns "this on the number of people that Toyota was considering a vehicle would chip away could," Spinella.

Ironically, when Toyota takes an image hit it not his arch-rival Honda benefit. Although import buyers often cross-the two brands shop, has Honda safety problems of its own. The smaller manufacturer announced three separate recalls, affecting 1.7 million vehicles alone last week. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed a new investigation, which could lead to the recall of 600,000 other Honda products.

By the unintended acceleration problem and other problems such as excess corrosion had his vans Toyota recalls more vehicles than any other manufacturer in the US market in 2010. Due to a late December campaign service, Honda, snapped that dubious distinction of its rivals last year. Now, it's a toss-up, could landen-of the two - up or down, if Sie--this list for 2012-dear.

The latest Japanese recalls good news for Hyundai and Ford, the vehicles, which most frequently shopped could turn out to with the Japanese leadership, cross, Spinella said.

But those who expect a sudden collapse in Toyota sales are probably wrong, be demonstrated, said Lind country. "they go, everything in power to compensate for the effects", she predicted that Toyota roll out powerful marketing strategies and what incentives are necessary.

However, if quality and safety image warned Toyota observers continue to be tarnished, it could win steadily his ability, eroding older customers to replace new buyer, which could no longer be in the new car market.

(To determine whether your call is involved in, go to Toyota recall Web page.)

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