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Consumer reports trash talks Toyota, Honda

Consumer reports trash talks Toyota, Honda


The Honda Civic has introduced a perennial bestseller for Honda was more fire from CR than any other model, but probably the manufacturer's has.

By Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau
If some criticism has the prestigious consumer reports, over the years it is as two of the "five popular cars to avoid." as import also friendly, but would be hard to say, from the not-for profit latest edition - where publication it takes the Toyota Prius C and Honda Civic

As CR carry in fact considerable weight among the more affluent, import-oriented buyer, could be bad news for the two producers. The civic is a critical model in the line-up of Honda but sharp criticism has already taken since its redesign 2011, while the Prius C which is the newest member of extended hybrid family.

"Just because a car is, or generates a lot of buzz that a bestseller does not mean that there is a good choice for you," warns the magazine.

The two Japanese producers are the only ones under fire in the September 2012 from consumer reports, not come however. The magazine is also three domestic models:

The popular Ford Edge crossover, the Jeep Liberty sport utility vehicle; and the Dodge Grand Caravan minivan.
The magazine notes that all five models "can on many buyers shopping list, but we recommend to control you." The reason for this? Either test - problems with the reliability or poor tests in CR, or both.

The civic has a perennial bestseller for Honda but made probably has more fire from CR as any other model that the manufacturer has introduced over the years. A main reason is that Honda "too many links" in the redesign of the latest version of the compact model. The Honda Civic has come under criticism from a variety of other editors - including - for similar reasons.

Toyota has hoped a home run with the Prius c 2012 result it is one of the four models that now share the Prius to name - along with the larger Prius V and Prius Plug in the original Prius hatchback. But CR editors have to say something nice about the compact entry into the hybrid family, declaring it "a stiff ride, noisy cabin, slow acceleration, and cheap-looking Interior suffers."

As with the Ford Edge is for a much worse-than average reliability rating, recent surveys of the CR reader faulty. And the magazine takes on the chorus of boos for the crossover FordMyTouch Info interface difficult.

The Jeep Liberty, meanwhile gained one of the lowest scores in the last CR road tests, lousy fuel economy delivered and had a bad ride on pavement, transferred its off-road capabilities.

How to Dodge Caravan have to say some nice things CR, calling the vehicle "versatile, comfortable and well equipped." But many problems which could not the minivan, including a 17 mpg mileage measly review, squeaks, rattles, problems with the sliding doors, offset "and sloppy at the-limit handling."

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