Monday, April 7, 2014

Goodbye, page flip: automakers push for cameras

Goodbye, page flip: automakers push for cameras
When Volkswagen begins, delivers the first its ultra-efficient XL1 Coupés by mid-year, must be because motorists get used to, the idea looking at a series of three video screens, instead of back and sideview mirror, to see what is happening around them.

Replace the traditional mirrors with micro-compact cameras integrated into the body, designers could VW aerodynamics of the vehicle significantly improve a data set to achieve fuel consumption - a crucial factor in the.

But while VW plans, only 250 cars build, none in the United States are delivered. The U.S. rules that require, is partly due to the Federal Republic of all vehicles with right and left side mirrors be equipped.

But that could change soon - at least the auto industry hopes it will.

The Alliance of automobile manufacturers - a consortium that engine includes VW, Toyota, and General - as well as Tesla Motors, has asked the national highway traffic safety to replace to allow administration, manufacturer, mirror with digital cameras.

The request comes on the heels of a NHTSA announcement last week, with backup cameras may 2018 need a long-delayed mandate, which outlines all vehicles.

The concept of using more aerodynamic cameras was something automotive designers and engineers have studied for decades. But automotive regulators hesitant to take, introduced new rules.

"Actually, you get these things changed, but it takes time," Tesla CEO Elon Musk complained during a Conference last year. The manufacturer wants to transfer the lateral cameras on their model 9-4 x concept SUV shown and use on a production version.

Car manufacturers hope that the time finally is ready to adopt a high-tech alternative to the basic outside mirror - especially since the integration of advanced security systems such as dead-angle warning can enable with digital cameras.

Move last month, set a timetable for the installation of backup cameras the signal could be, which the industry is waiting. Automakers have taken also preliminary steps, which hope to ease lingering concerns on the part of NHTSA rule maker.

Honda 2013 started as his LaneWatch system with the debut of the accord model. The car still has the necessary sideview mirror but is equipped with a camera, usually to miss out the in the passenger-side blind spot of peers, the car driver. The image is the same center console mounted displayed on screen, the normally navigation and infotainment handles tasks.

Nissan, used a network cameras mounted to the vehicle in the meantime motorists from the bird's eye view of the surrounding pavement and obstacles through its around view monitor type.

In future, a smart digital mirror could mark a Nissan driver attention on objects in a vehicle blind spot, by switching between a normal rear view mirror and a camera on the driver's command.

How quickly the NHTSA might respond to the Alliance's petition remains to be seen, but industry planners hope that will move the Government with more haste.

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