Sunday, March 23, 2014

Toyota in the U.S. settlement over unintended acceleration

Toyota in the U.S. settlement over unintended acceleration
The U.S. Justice Department has a $1 billion-settlement with Toyota reached the engine about the automaker's handling of consumer complaints tied to unintended vehicle acceleration and is supposed to give the agreement already, as Wednesday, CNN reported.

Sources familiar told CNN the deal, that Toyota was expected to avoid prosecution.

The US Attorney in Manhattan has allegations of Japanese company misled-United States authorities probe after complaints of unintended acceleration emerged. The acceleration question prompted Toyota recall millions of vehicles, from the year 2009.

"Toyota has worked with the US Attorney in this matter for more than four years," said a spokeswoman from Toyota CNN. "During this time we have a more responsive and customer-oriented organisation fundamental changes are made, and we are committed to further improvements."

Office could not immediately reach officials in the U.S. Attorney General's opinion.

The car manufacturer dedicated to last year more than to resolve $1 billion damages claims in connection with the recall.

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