Friday, March 7, 2014

A few lucky in lackluster February auto sales

A few lucky in lackluster February auto sales
Maybe you couldn't tell with the snow on the ground, but some people were buying new cars and trucks last month, also slower than hoped for by many.

Overall February auto sales were lackluster, but strong sales of certain vehicles, Jeep, Nissan and Subaru were proof that are for sale some models, even in bad weather.

Jeep and the Grand Cherokee

New Grand Cherokee Jeep is racking up some big numbers. Sales last month year on year, and she 21 percent to 34 percent so far in 2014 has risen.

Two things make the Grand Cherokee a hot model.

First, the redesigned SUV is an enormous improvement over the previous model, which was tired, searches, and fought to compete in the category. Since the new version rolled out in October, Jeep has supplied a model to win over SUV buyers.

Secondly demand for SUVs, fueled largely by moderate gas prices. Do not be surprised, if Grand Cherokee sales rise this spring, when the weather is warmer, and the showroom traffic increased.

Leaf makes it 12 months in a row

For the 12 month just, Nissan boosted sales of the leaf all-electric. February amounted to sales by 118 percent compared to February last year. This year, sales of electric cars have more than doubled, thanks to a one-two punch, which makes it now far more attractive than a year ago.

In January 2013, Nissan cut the leaf price of $6,400. In the meantime, it improves marketing of leaf, thought there are looking for a "green" small car on the shopping list of those. The value of marketing is not overemphasize.

Look at the Chevy Volt, which received not much advertising support from General Motors. Although GM often quickly points out it's not fair to compare the Volt and leaf - is one electric car, while the other is all-electric, and they sell a range at different price points - are Volt sales by 23 percent this year.

Subaru Forester quietly racking up sales

The new Subaru Forester shows that a revised crossover utility vehicle has to combine a good chance with the buyers. It also doesn't hurt that the CUV to earn safety pick rating from the Insurance Institute for highway safety was only such model a top.

It is always a struggle to determine exactly how much a strong performance in crash tests will help spur sales, but it is clear that Subaru is more and more attention the following festivals from the IIHS, and most recently by consumer reports and Kelley Blue Book reports.

Forester sales jumped 95 percent last month compared to February 2013, and they are so far above 78% in 2014.

Subaru is a conservative car manufacturers, so it will be interesting to see how much it drives marketing of the Forester in this spring.

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