Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Toyota says record profit expected, keeps Outlook

Toyota says record profit expected, keeps Outlook
Toyota Motor Corp. raised the operating result, the forecast for the fiscal year to 9 percent to a record 2.4 trillion yen ($23.7 billion) as the yen fell against the dollar to around 9 percent of this fiscal year, buoys profits from the export-oriented automakers.

The world's top-selling automaker, said on Tuesday that it expects now to 2.4 trillion yen in the operating profit of its previous forecast of 2.2 trillion yen and higher than the pre-Lehman crisis record turnover of 2.27 trillion yen from six years ago to the top.

The revision was almost in line with the 2.44 trillion yen by 23 analysts estimated.

Written 600,5 billion yen in operating profit, above the average estimate of 575,9 billion yen for the October-December third quarter Toyota and almost five times what it posted a year ago.

Toyota kept its Crown as the world's best-selling car manufacturer for two years in a row in the year 2013, looked General Motors and Volkswagen rivals 9, 98 million vehicles together with subsidiaries Daihatsu motor and Hino Motors have sold. 2014 Planned to sell 10.32 million vehicles worldwide.

Shares in Toyota jumped 20 percent are since early April 2013, if the fiscal year, in line with the benchmark Nikkei started is average. The camp closed on Tuesday about 5.5 per cent.

Toyota kept its global consolidated sales Outlook for the fiscal year ending in March at 9.1 million vehicles. It is expected to be 50,000 more vehicles in Japan in comparison to an earlier forecast, while it expected North American sales of 30,000 vehicles for sale and deletes in some other areas.

Four of the top five U.S. Auto seller on Monday accused extreme winter weather to worse than expected sales in January, analysts and executives a recovery in February and March predicted.

U.S. automakers Ford Motor and General Motors and Toyota as well as Honda Motor saw US car sales plummet in January is missing analysts estimates for the month.

Sales in the largest market where it the third largest car manufacturer Ford and General Motors, rose by 7 per cent in the year 2013 to around 2.24 million vehicles, supports United States, Toyotas by the strong sales of the Avalon and the Lexus RX is. Toyota's U.S. market share was unchanged at 14.4 percent.

While some economists and analysts 2014 expect sales to rise between 16 million and 16.5 million vehicles - industry sales at 15.6 million vehicles in 2013 - what is growing concern, which will increase competition, higher incentives and lower profits for companies.

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