Friday, January 17, 2014

Toyota wants to refute Elon Musk

Toyota wants to refute Elon Musk
In an escalation of the automotive industry of war of words over green technologies of the future senior Toyota has singled out Elon Musk and other rival executives on Tuesday and made a bold prediction on his hydrogen car.

Bob Carter, said senior Toyota's Vice President for automotive operations, in a speech that he believed that it is planning a hydrogen fuel cell car next year, could be so successful as its groundbreaking Prius gasoline electric hybrid.

Carter said that "Naysayers" technology spoke out against that, wrong and Elon Musk, founder of electric car maker Tesla, Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan and former Volkswagen executive Jonathan Browning referred specifically would be demonstrated.

"Personally not no matter what have to say Carlos, Elon and Jonathan about fuel cells. It reminds me very 1999, as we of 1998, the Prius for the first time, "Carter said at a Conference in conjunction with the Detroit Auto Show held."

The comments underscore how big is the usage in the race to take over the lead, in the next generation of green car.

While Toyota in fuel cells, others such as Nissan investment, Volkswagen and Tesla put on electric vehicles as the next big thing while publicly questioned whether hydrogen in one could develop practical gas stations.

At the Los Angeles Auto show was Browning in November, who was then the Chief of the US business by Volkswagen, ruffled feathers with the words electric a workable technology, because it was to be found much easier for consumers, Sockets as hydrogen stations.

Toyota's Carter has the infrastructure issue on Tuesday, arguing that the number of hydrogen refueling stations with time through public private partnerships such as the California resident helped would grow.

Through the placement of a stations in better equipment, Carter estimated that if all cars in California on hydrogen were that the State fueling with 15 percent of the almost 10,000 service stations currently could needs in operating.

Fuel cell cars convert hydrogen into electricity, emit only water vapor and have a similar reach to traditional gasoline-powered cars.

Toyota believes that makes them the best technology of the next generation the hybrid vehicle from it cumulatively almost 6 million, sold since the first Prius rolled off the production line.

"In ten years, I have an idea, what that our fuel-cell vehicle in similar terms will be shown. We really believe that it has the same potential as the first Prius,"said Carter.

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