Monday, October 28, 2013

Audi Ford surges, fights in latest consumer reports survey

Audi Ford surges, fights in latest consumer reports survey
Audi, which for years has fought to improve the reliability of the cars and SUVs, is rated among the most trusted brands in a new survey by consumer reports.

Ford continues to struggle, 26 out of 28 brands ranking. The survey also questions under Nissan, has dropped nine points to 22. Other consistently strong Japanese brands were named seven of the 10 most reliable.

In the meantime, the electric car Tesla model S painted first review a mixed picture. The model received an above average reliability assessment with very few complaints about the battery system. but with rising production, so have the number of tickets.

"The very first models of Tesla, it's almost as if she took one of the vehicles and walked it with a fine tooth comb and make sure that each of these vehicles were right," said Jake Fisher, consumer reports Director of the car to test. "Now, because they really want in terms of on their ramps of amounts of, you must find out how these cars also still reliably to make."

The survey showed Ford, the last year of 27. Course, still problems with its MyFord touch and MyLincoln touch infotainment systems. In addition, have "several EcoBoost Turbo V6 models as well as poor reliability. Nearly two-thirds of the 34 Fords and Lincolns in our survey said results, much as the average worse, "the report.

The C-Max Energi brand appreciated his worst model; at Nissan, the Pathfinder earned designation.

"Nissan is not one of the top manufacturers in relation to reliability, so they have actually several problems," Fisher said.

Fisher noted that the interesting thing about Audi was improved assessment, high-content vehicles with high-end pieces, electronic and power equipment, and they "nor does it right got."
2013 Consumer-reliability-top 5 brands
Position brand change vs. last year
#1. Lexus-2
#2. Toyota no change
#3. Acura-4
#4. Audi-4
# 5 Mazda-ab 1
Source: Consumer reports

The 2013 consumer survey reports car reliability is based on the responses of 1.1 million subscribers of the magazine.

Overall, the survey showed that the people think that the reliability of their cars has not changed much in the last year. Errors in the electronics and telematics in new models continue to thwart their owners.

"If engine, transmission involves major mechanical problems, etc. they are better, but the new electronic problems actually bring them down", said Fischer.

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