Wednesday, September 18, 2013

GM takes with plans for 200-miles electric Tesla

GM takes with plans for 200-miles electric Tesla
As automakers race to cheaper electric cars with longer range, General Motors on a working, can go 200 miles per charge at a price of about $30,000, said Senior top companies.

Vice President of global product development Doug parks does not say when or if so a car, but will be built.

GM sells Chevrolet $35,000 currently Volt plug-in hybrid, which can go 38 miles on electricity before a gas-powered generator kicks. It offers also the all-electric Chevy spark subcompact, the 82 kilometers on a charge can go. It starts at $26.685. electric cars suitable for a federal tax credit of $7,500.

The 200-mile car costs about the same as the current Volt, and it would match the range and far cheaper than Tesla Motors $71,000, all-electric model s The S model can go up to 265 miles on one charge.

A cheap electric car with a 200-mile range would produce electric cars more appealing to Americans, the two Chief complaints about such cars do: fear to go out making and high price, said Tom Libby, leading North American analyst of vehicle Polk research firm.

"That would no doubt a big step forward," he said.

Batteries with cars currently only make U.S. sales only 0.3 percent, Libby said, but he is confident that would increase if a car manufacturer with a 200-miles cheap car came.

Tesla gets awards for the model S, including the highest test score, which ever recorded by consumer reports magazine. And the company of Palo Alto, California, electric car works to a mass market. CEO Elon Musk has said, it is a 200-mile range and costs about $35,000. He said it as end of 2016 sales could go so early.

GM has a different approach to Tesla, taken from said parks, prices electric vehicles of around 25,000 about $40,000. Don't go the battery costs as far to each fee kept low and the cars cheaper, he said.

"their prices for a truly unique customers", said parks of Tesla. "The real trick will be, who can make a 200-mile car for more of the price range, what I mean. We're all in the race to do."

The 200-mile car is not the next generation Volt. On the occasion of a Monday meeting on GM advanced battery lab in Warren, a suburb north of Detroit, parks show at its technical center who said that GM engineers are now working on a new Volt, a little go father on electricity than the current model and cost slightly less. He would not say when it will arrive in showrooms or how much it will cost.

GM showed a 50,000 square meters on Monday in addition to the battery lab. The extra space that size has almost doubled the laboratory, the company can test batteries and computer controls, which is much faster than before. Parks said it aims to develop electric cars twice as fast, how could the company in the past. It took GM about four years bring to the development of the Volt, and on the market.

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