Friday, September 27, 2013

Brazil ends production of the legendary 'Hippy' VW-bus

Brazil ends production of the legendary 'Hippy' VW-bus
Brazil, which last remaining land produce the Volkswagen-van, known as the VW "Bus," says, that it will end production by December 31.

The company says that new security standards in Brazil, the mandate, all cars have airbags and antilock brakes beginning 2014 may not meet.

Volkswagen Brazil says that the last blue and white editions will contain special additives such as vinyl upholstery.

The VW is so durable and manufactured a large amount over the decades, should be plenty vans on the road for many years.

According to the Associated Press VW has put together all over the world more than 10 million Volkswagen transporter vans since the first introduction of the vehicle in Germany 63 years ago. Brazil alone has collected more than 1.5 million of them.

The van, a symbol of the sixties culture meet, was famous for all of Bob Dylan, the grateful dead, whose many fans toured with the band in their own buses connected.

"Represents the freedom van," says Damon Ristau, Director of the documentary film "the bus". "It has a charm and charm lacking in other vehicles. It's the open road over the people smile bring faces, when they see an old VW van along roles."

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs allegedly sold his van to buy to build a computer, which has helped his company a Board in the 1970s.

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