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Volkswagen unlikely run 75 years

Volkswagen unlikely run 75 years

The Volkswagen beetle was a favorite of the crowd counterculture of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

By Paul A. Eisenstein, of mysteries
Some manufacturers have more modest origin had or less had a chance to survive. However, as Volkswagen celebrates its 75th anniversary, has the German manufacturer shelled now a solid, dominated the world of the automobile.

It no longer is an a-model company, Volkswagen AG an industrial power plant for each segment of the market, such Econoboxes of high-mileage than the VW up! to toys for the super rich with models such as the Lamborghini Aventador and Bentley Mulsanne.

The basic Volkswagen Beetle introduced fuel consumption to the American public.

Those would have been a number of difficult to imagine if the company of the legendary Ferdinand Porsche was founded in May 1937. Better known for its high-performance sportscar, Porsche was commissioned by Adolph Hitler, to develop a small, affordable car for the German masses. It was known as the Volkswagen or peoples car. Only several decades later, that was the original model known as the beetle.

The new company was headquartered in Wolfsburg, an old castle town got an hour from Berlin, but the 990 Reichsmark produce Coupe, before production, to support the Nazi war machine was moved the Assembly line in operation. And it could have finished the story, it was not for the British Army major Ivan Hirst.

The VW bus had also a following among those who prefer down, a road less traveled.

He was assigned to that ravaged City shortly after the war ended and try the task again the VW plant to work. Buried under the rubble found painted Hirst a survivors of beetles, it green and order convinced British occupation troops to 20,000. Within a few years, the demand was booming. And sending some of the small cars from abroad began desperate for the foreign currency, the newly privatised Volkswagen.

The first, which reach the United States came in 1949. It was a kind of anti-car, anything other than the kind of large, heavy and gas-guzzling models that American buyers were shopping in ever-increasing numbers for. However, the beetle in resonance with a small community, and by the 1960s it was a symbol of the American counter-culture.

Disney's "Herbie, the Love Bug" Volkswagen is still more Popularitat-and sales-brought.

Soon were U.S. sales each year half a million came. But the German manufacturer wanted some new competition from Japan and according to the performance and quality of the manufacturers such as Toyota and Honda, and unwilling, in particular for the States sales steadily waned products to develop, also like the VW offer extended. By the early 1990's as a Volkswagen Ernst waiver of the US market.

They decided, it stick out, but shifted the attention to other markets, including China, where it today in a bitter struggle for supremacy with General Motors is locked. It was adding new brands such as Spanish Czech Skoda, and Italy's Lamborghini and Bentley of UK based on a shopping spree.

To achieve the first Volkswagen in the United States came in 1949.

Together those and other Marken Volkswagen AG one strong 8.39 million achieved sales 2011, automobile manufacturers, making the company the world's second largest behind only General Motors but before the leader of last year's Toyota, which was injured by earthquake and tsunami Japan. While Toyota again a good chance has its lead in 2012, Volkswagen explains King-of-the-Hill before a target of the automotive world officials at the end of the Decade. And their rising profits should the additional product needed to get there.

In the meantime, the German manufacturer has shifted course in the United States. After long ignoring the market and with closed its Westmoreland, PA., plant more than two decades ago, Volkswagen last year opened a new plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a version of the midsize Passat developed specially for the United States produce sedan the payout came quickly, with booming demand suggesting that VW is only one the tripling of the U.S. band - could reach including the Audi - brand to 800,000 per year.

Today, Volkswagen is one of the broadest formations in the world of the automobile has. Much has changed in 75 years.

Today, the manufacturer of one of the widest is line-ups in the world of the automobile. And what is contains only in third-generation beetle. The small Coupe never again corresponds to the demand of the past decades to admit corporate officers, but it is an iconic symbol of the VW get hardly any success and the ability from the ashes.

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