Friday, August 16, 2013

Their next car paint? See your iPhone

Their next car paint? See your iPhone
Henry Ford used to say that his clients could get a model T in any color that they wanted ", as long as it's black" - an option that is certainly today fly would not.

Automakers offer a comprehensive range of seemingly every shade between black and white, continue to grow. BASF, one of the largest paint the industry trend shows show automotive designers from 65 new shades as part of his annual color.

While a handful of shades dominate still - black, white, silver and grey - others are strongly influenced by factors popular colors, current events, consumer electronics, and concerns about the environment, Paul Czornij, the Technical Director of the BASF said color Excellence group.

Green and blue tones have become increasingly popular, always, he said, reflect an increased environmental focus. In the meantime white takes over from the long popular silver colors are associated with growing concerns, seems "on both sides of the political spectrum... ...dass things incorrectly, work," he added.

White also by trends in consumer electronics, gained ground, Czornij said. The trend-setting Apple iPhone made, a symbol of high technology, long associated with something silver white - a color that has lost momentum in recent years, according to industry sales data.

Today's high-tech colours, designer, however, allow access to various colors, he said. "The beauty is that you can create a lot of different offers" of light, shadow, he said. Added with green "you very greenish Blues or greenish yellow, can make" such as he.

The general trend model year 2014 "more and more rich, saturated colours" are predicted Czornij. But more slight deviations in colour and shine are even white. In fact, one of the biggest trends in the next few years could transition to the lower gloss colours, glossy or too matte surfaces.

In fact, mat is a favorite for automotive designers. The problem is that this ultralow-gloss finish can be extremely difficult to manage and expensive to repair. That has the color industry chemist crawl to a drop, so the mat surfaces easier with life and work.

Researchers are not only explore colors and finishes, but tried also respond to the demand for more environmentally friendly coatings. In the last decade, the industry almost exclusively on waterways has moved connections with far fewer emissions than solvent petroleum based.

The next step, the BASF in looks, you would use "repurposed" connections in the color formula. At the annual trend show the company from a formula shows the ultra fine rubber from recycled tires. The concept is always still "very experimental" Czornij, and it is too early to say when it would go into production.

BASF also is showing off on experimental paint connections that solar load reduction or the amount of energy that a car, for example, absorbed could be a hot day in Phoenix.

Due to the long lead times required in the automotive industry for things like color durability test that focuses on paints and lacquers, this year's trend show geared to the year 2017.

Together with green and blue tones are an attraction to shades of Brown in the next few years to have the American car buyer.

But color choices are usually quite different in other parts of the world.

BASF forecasts, the "intermediate colors such as olive green and bluish grey sophisticated" are becoming increasingly popular in the Asia-Pacific region.

Recession-ravaged Europe, the color supplier suggested "There is a tendency to rationally and calmly, to move forward". It anticipates a neutral black and grey especially popular are "creative, bold colors,", while, such as red and green, the dynamics will meet in the next few years.

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