Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chevy back in the game for Super Bowl adfest

Chevy back in the game for Super Bowl adfest

Chevrolet will be back in the lineup when the teams take on the field in Super Bowl XLVIII, a reversal controversial 2012 decision to the pull out, what is the most watched annual event of television - and a program to see that millions of Americans so much for advertising for football.

The decision is the last reversal of a number of widely-discussed decisions that General Motors global before his departure in July of 2012. GM has former marketing director, Joel Ewanick, also decided to test new opportunities on Facebook, a further marketing outlet, the Ewanick rejected before he himself was ousted because of a controversy surrounding expensive marketing relations with European football.

"The timing of the Super Bowl XLVIII perfect our aggressive car and truck home plans, lines with", said Tim Mahoney, the Chevrolet as its global chief marketing officer last February joined in. "The Super Bowl is a big stage for the presentation of the brand Chevrolet, and our newest cars and trucks."

According to Nielsen, February broadcast of the game Championship between the Baltimore Ravens and San Franicsco 49ers moved 108.7 million viewers - with more than 1 billion estimated that have observed around the world. But this is only one of the reasons why advertisers traditionally have dangers to snatch time during the broadcast of every open second.

SocialGuides 2013 Super Bowl advertising report that about 5.3 million people 26.1 million tweets sent during the game. And saw millions more after that Super Bowl advertising on YouTube and other outlets.

The costs are the downside. While the business rates depending on slices, place advertiser a 30-second spot on the 2012 Super Bowl broadcast, involved the last GM, ran between $3 million and $3.5 million. And the figure jumped as high as a reported $4 million for the 2013 game.

GM had initially only good to say about their presence 2012 ad go so far as to claim its place for the then-new Cadillac ATS that ever was "most-watched" commercial. But Mai Ewanick unexpectedly announced GM spent to break ongoing relationships in the NFL and a departure from the Super Bowl.

"It's all about efficiency," said the often controversial marketing Czar in relation to the expenses of the GM an estimated $4.5 billion marketing budget. "Every penny counts," he said. "If we allow for inefficiencies in anything we do, it's actually stopping."

It was just one of a number of unexpected movements which contain, cancel a $10 million budget for Facebook. GM was not the only customer at the time of the survey the advantages of advertising in the social media network. In fact even Facebook had improved its own ad results recognized.

But Ewanick rubbed salt into the wound by his announcement, and hard criticizing Facebook shortly before what a disastrous public warehouse first mission has become.

A more surprising twist as Ewanick things then took a massive thing for several British football teams, including powerhouse Manchester United sponsor announced.

But the marketing Czar was dropped weeks later and GM just suggested that there were irregularities in some stores, it is widely assumed had the problem with the way to do the soccer - or football, as Europeans prefer - much has been treated.

In recent months, GM has acquired a series of steps that some reversal of Ewanicks most important measures. The automakers emerged an unusual ad company Alliance, divided to take responsibility for the huge Chevrolet account.

In April, GM announced that it would launch a new test program to see whether Facebook could deliver on a new campaign.

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