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Millennials skip showroom, social use media for the car purchase

Millennials skip showroom, social use media for the car purchase
Paul A. Eisenstein Detroit Bureau
Jean pictures blue / Getty ImagesWhen is shopping it to the car, Millennials first hit the Web, not the showroom.

When 20 and 30-somethings car go shopping, they are likely, ask her friends for help - your Facebook friends, that is. The latest generation of car buyers is much more likely to social media for advice as a study Director for the showroom after eBay Motors.

More Millennials--than nine of the 10 so-called "Generation Y" newborns between 1980 and 2000-turn of the eBay research on the Internet when shopping for a new car or truck.

You're not alone. Is a separate investigation found that the majority of buyers go online now to start the car-buying process - and more than half strongly influenced by what their friends on Facebook have to say.

"For dealers to ensure that they reach consumers become more and more important, when, where and how she want to shop for vehicles - that today more than ever, online and mobile," said Kristine Chin, head of the vehicles on eBay Motors.

Main results of the study eBay include:

94 Percent of the thousand-year car buyers gather information online;

Mobile devices use to do, more than a third of that research, compared to 19 percent of older car buyers.

Only 13 percent of Millennials show to visit a car dealer as their preferred method of shopping, while 25 percent of older buyers prefer to visit a showroom.

The study is based on responses from more than 1,000 adults in the United States, also found that the Millennials are more comfortable with portable devices than older drivers through the research for a possible purchase. One of five of these young drivers reported that it goes through the entire purchase on a mobile device open for eBay Motors.

Millennials are not alone. The survey showed that two of three older motorists say that the technology is changing how they buy a car.

Social media and reputation trend study that finds 81 percent of buyers based on the automotive industry read reviews the right car or truck, a figure that has grown significantly in the past six months restricted. The study by market research firm of digital air strike,, Edmunds and Yahoo! named the most influential ratings. It has also been found, social media, Facebook, Yelp and Google plus.

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Twenty-four percent of the respondents specified online reviews are the "most helpful" factor when choosing a vehicle. According to a study by digital air strike "gives a 59 percent probability, a consumers confidence that a review from a Facebook friend more than on other sites reviews."

Meanwhile, the 2,000 Shopper survey was that 43 percent said she would use Facebook to seek a local dealer.

While there were a lot of discussions about the effectiveness of Facebook advertising, the automotive social media study found that clicks on dealership show to 39 percent from 16 percent between October 2012 and April of this year jumped.

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