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Lexus tops vehicle reliability study

Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau - 1 day

Today's vehicles are more reliable than ever before, according to a new study, although Toyota remains the King when it comes to long-term reliability.

Still, that the gap between import and domestic brands, with motors give close chase to Toyota General and the J.D. power and Associates 2013 vehicle reliability study finds its luxury brand of Lexus.

"The continuous improvement of the long-term reliability of truck, crossover, or SUV, are means that consumers should have more confidence in the three-year-old vehicles, whether they keep their current car or shopping for a used car," says David Sargent, Vice President of global automotive at J.D. power and partner or JDPA.

On the basis of responses from 37,000 owners of 2010 model cars, trucks and crossovers, the annual study shows that the number of reported fallen five percent since the last report, has known under the abbreviation VDS issues. On average, there were 126 problems for every 100 vehicles or 126 PP100 in power-speak, down from 132 in the 2012 study. This is the lowest number since 1989 is often cited measure of vehicle reliability started.

Domestic manufacturers traditionally have to foreign rivals behind, but the gap has Detroit makers, on average a score of 133 against 123 for imports drastically reduced for 2013. The higher the score of the more problems. Until 2011, the gap was 18 points, power points.

But not absolutely there a frequent, that connection between the way that perform individual brands in power short-term studies, such as the initial quality study. Toyota Lexus routinely leads the IQS, and tops in the VDS 2013 with benchmark it is 57 problems per 100. In other words, barely half of respondents Lexus owners reported problems at all.

Porsche came in second followed by Lincoln, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz complete the top five. Meanwhile, arm Chrysler truck, the RAM brand, the biggest improvement of any brand, its improvement by 52 PP100 score written.

Individual product segments Lexus led in two, with the Lexus ES350 tops in the category entry premium car named during its RX model, the midsize premium crossover/SUV models led. Toyota has seven-segment Awards overall, including the brands of Scion and Toyota more than any other car manufacturer.

But General Motors was second on the list with four individual segment awards for models including the Buick Lucerne sedan and the big Chevrolet Tahoe SUV. American Honda took two segment WINS, with Audi, Ford, Hyundai, Mazda and Nissan access also awards.

The 2013 supplied vehicle reliability study some major surprises, especially by the revelation that conventional wisdom is wrong, when it comes to the reliability of the brand new products. "The perception that new or revised models not as reliable as those that for a year or more is not true on the market", emphasizes Sargent, add "The fast improvement of the basic vehicle reliability every year is more than balanced all initial faults, which may have new or redesigned models."

The upward trend in vehicle reliability is certainly good for those, to buy a new vehicle. But it is perhaps even better news for those in the market for a "like-new" vehicle.

"If you can't afford a new vehicle can, or want to simply not one, should you feel confident when buying certified used car (CPO) vehicle," takes a power statement.

There was a significant increase in the demand for CPO vehicles in recent years. Most manufacturers offered now used car program in which models comprehensive controls come a certified from leasing to undergo and if necessary, repaired. You are assured a rule of almost new warranty.

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