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If air bags are killing: problems plague photoelectric sensors

Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau - 2 days

They are designed to save lives and reduce potential injury, but a search of the Federal records shows that a surprising number of Americans were killed or injured due to problems with vehicle air bag systems.

In fact were the shortcomings that the devices under the most common factor in the increase of safety recalls in the last years. A total of 1.5 million vehicles were defective already by airbag callbacks after Honda and Toyota in this year of the target with 22 separate recalls with 18 different brands in 2012 with the airbags.

"It is a complex system and this complexity means more components, Honda spokesman Chris Martin said United States today.

The manufacturer has some of the most serious problems with air bag defects in recent years, including a recall in January, involved nearly 750,000 pilot and Odyssey models. Missing rivets on an airbag cover incorrectly blowing devices could lead the manufacturer noticed "increases the risk of injury in an accident."

Although there were no injuries linked to the current problem, Honda acknowledged that remembering led 14 months ago, at least two dead and 20 accidents of airbags in a separate over-aggressively could blow up. In fact, similar problems on Honda vehicles now have a number of recalls, which raised more than 2 million vehicles.

Toyota recalled defective airbags, including a January 2013 issues of his own almost 900,000 Corolla and matrix models - as well as Pontiac Vibe frequency switch was installed by Toyota. A defective Board, involved in this problem the short out and the bag to inflate unexpectedly could trigger.

List of manufacturers of defective airbags affected reads like an industry, the the-that Chrysler, which latter maker recalls almost 750,000 Jeep Hyundai until last November, also due to faulty airbag controller circuits.

The problems appear in multiple categories are:

Deploy airbag systems, when they are needed, whether due to faulty sensor or circuit control systems or incorrectly programmed software.Airbags, which do not provide for similar reasons;Inflating airbags might not be properly installed and can too aggressively or even fragments of plastic or metal, which fly like shrapnel from a bomb in the passenger compartment.
In October last year but revealed to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration yet another potential problem, call for owners of millions of vehicles, who repairs after an accident a dealer check had undergone to ensure that they were not fitted airbags with fake replacement. Products from more than 20 different manufacturers have been cited. Meanwhile, agents have federal law enforcement many leading back to suppliers in China staged numerous arrests,.

Problems with airbags are not entirely new. More close erupted as two decades controversy when it became clear that the early bag would so aggressively increased designs, she often hurt or even killed, small or older adults and small children sit in the bags during deployment.

This led to the development of the so-called "intelligent" airbags." Today, serve the systems generally recognize the severity of a crash and adjust their inflation force for such things as the size and position the seating of an occupant - or whether a child in the seat.

This resulted in a significant reduction in injuries and deaths among the bags worked as expected - and according to federal regulators, security save annually facial expressions helped life.

"Air bags in particular a central role play protect driver and passengers in the event of a crash", said Administrator David Strickland of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Despite the recent problems with air bag seems defective automotive set add on multiple devices to the typical car and in places that are not imagined before.

The new Dodge Dart, United States today, notes has 10 different airbags. And other vehicles are not far behind. Routine for the major products equipped impact and roof become can with dual front airbags, side airbags mounted bags that remain excessive in a rollover.

Knee Blocker air bags are becoming more common and are used to prevent that front seated passengers "submarining" under their belts in the case of a large frontal impact.

General Motors, meanwhile, added recently new front center airbags to prevent that passengers hit into each other in a side impact.

Ford has begun, offers a combination of airbag/safety belt on some products, such as the latest generation Explorer. The technology is "particularly vulnerable to impact, crash reduce injuries and deaths among children and the elderly, those who" Sue Cischke, the recently retired head of security at Ford, said

Volvo developed a new exterior airbag system, the bubbles from the bottom of the windshield, reduce injuries, and if struck a pedestrian by a car.

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