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Chrysler is to dominate Super Bowl ad blitz

Chrysler is to dominate Super Bowl ad blitz

Paul A. Eisenstein, NBC News post - 16.

Chrysler can through the post back kick it?

The smallest of the U.S. automakers hoping gates at the Super Bowl XLVII great after he threw touchdowns in the previous two games with a pair of the breakthrough that show, more than a few observers who believe helped Chrysler post bankruptcy, unexpectedly strong revival start.

However, while the manufacturer's top marketing manager has confirmed that it will play a presence among the many automotive advertisers asked MOM whether another big name celebrity tapped Chrysler, as the rapper Eminem in 2011 and actor Clint Eastwood in last year.

"We are discussing" whether the unusual to repeat long form structure that worked so well in previous years, Chrysler marketing chief Olivier Francois said recently asked 2 minutes format after the commercials in a game full 30-second-level. As with the previous display, the manufacturer had expected up to the last minute before the game his place finish to work.

And in contrast to a growing list of Matchday, in particular no teaser of what it has in store provides advertisers, such as Audi, Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler.

While many Americans TV spots these days going out of the way, with digital recorders and other means to skip Super Bowl Festival for the display of the world's best and brightest minds has become a screening, studies show that otherwise not interested, the game often tune some people, specifically to show to see.

And while beer and snack food spots this Flash have traditionally dominated automakers Haber's constantly have their presence, about one-third of the advertisers in Super Bowl XLVI for manufacturers such as Ford, Volkswagen and Hyundai.

There is a single not cheap, 30 second spot reportedly go for more than $4 million this year, but the potential payoff can be huge - Chrysler bet if it, "imported American audiences two years ago with the Detroit" is shocked. The 120-second pitch featured driving rhythm an Eminem bass playing, with the rapper to drive home his message that the engine was above all – again city - and Chrysler.

If it was a mistake that some critics said it was that the manufacturer new Chrysler 200 model scenery, lost almost in the cinematic spot drama. Perhaps, but the sedan proved bankrupt soon as one of the fastest growing of the manufacturer's badges and, according to its 2009, started to exceed Chrysler itself quickly hard to survive on the recovery of the entire U.S. auto industry.

A unique coincidence? No, as it turned out, as the manufacturer in 2012 with Clint Eastwood returned the message of hope and renewal at the national level. Display the go-ahead to controversy early in the presidential campaign of the year some Republican leaders, who claim that the display was the revenge for the Obama administration, Chrysler bailout. Ironically, Eastwood became one of the most controversial figures in the GOP Convention this year.

Policy aside, doweled spot again the meter measured with almost everyone at ACE Metrix, which respond to title and effectiveness, Super Bowl show.

"The Clint Eastwood-ad proved very inspiring, and in addition to very high reach for sympathy and attention." It very well on relevance, performed", noted the company CEO Peter Daboll.

2012 Chrysler spot better than both Honda display for the CRV crossover - an another celebrity spot with Matthew Broderick in a nod to his role in "Ferris Bueller's day off"- and the resumption of Volkswagen Star Wars display theme.

There is little doubt Chrysler wants an another outstanding. As the smallest of the big three Detroit it also has the smallest budget, to work with and not just with me too marketing. The good news for the manufacturers is that it has managed, the cost for both "imported from Detroit" and "Half in America" pay for themselves through the use of social media.

Both now have 10 s millions repeat hits on YouTube and elsewhere generates in the social media world. In fact, the Eastwood local named top automotive and runner-up winner in the contest YouTube ad blitz 2012 - one of the numerous awards that run Chrysler for its Super Bowl campaigns has a total.

Which again raises the question, what makes Super Bowl XLVII have the manufacturer Creative Commons? A celebrity endorser would surprise nobody, even though marketing chief Francois shows yellow card has Chrysler used "only" a big name, "If the message fits."

And this is a further uncertainty: as the year 2012 it wants Chrysler focus on a single product, or a mixture of products, such as last year?

"An opportunity for me, the brand is every new start to build," said Francois. "I like that we spend our money, conscientiously," he said. "We spend only what we need and that is what we need to continue to do,."

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