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Holy hot rods! TV's Batmobile can pick up $5 million.

Holy hot rods! TV's Batmobile can pick up $5 million.

Robert Frank

Maybe it was the dual bubble windshields, the heads of Adam West and Burt Ward perfect frame, as it's Gotham City raced to the scene of the crime. Or maybe it was the issued bat wings, Orange edges. Or maybe it was the ultimate jet exhaust, which like a dragon as the caped Crusaders flamed drove out of the bat cave.

Whatever reason, the original Batmobile after remains one of the most revered cars in America. And now the Batmobile - Yes, the same used in the 1960s Adam West TV show - is among the more than 1,400 vehicles auctioned the 42nd be expected annual Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale event weekend.

Price: up to $5 million.

Scottsdale is car to collect the car-a-Palooza. And auctioneers say the good economy this year, growing interest by investors of collectibles and rare offerings such as the Batmobile and a Mercedes once owned by Clark Gable, could push sales total to all-time highs.

The market for collectors not only back. It would be bigger than ever before.

Craig Jackson, said the CEO of Barrett-Jackson-the auto auction company, the event in 1971 in life called - the year's total sales of the company's all-time record of 108 million $ can set up in the year 2007.

"My goal is to beat this year," he said. It looks like we have a good chance."

A good sign: the credit lines for buyers have topped $700 million. Jackson said that any potential bidder ask a letter from a bank or lender, which guarantee that a certain amount of cash to purchase is available. He said, the total is $1 billion expected to be $700 million in credit lines-meaning buyers met to spend a war chest of up to $1 billion this weekend.

Scottsdale is above all a muscle car scene with many American hot rods and Hemis. But there are also a smattering of Italian exotics, Celebrity Cruises, and cars through Hollywood famous.

The Batmobile is, hands down, the star of the show. Of course, there are also other Batmobiles there. But all the others were copies of the original, that life in 1955 as Lincoln began Futura concept car, the screen in the film "It started with a Kiss" with Debbie Reynolds 1959 debuts. Legendary Customizer George Barris car then turned into the Batmobile for the TV series. The car was used in the original series as also the movie with Adam West.

Jackson said that all other Batmobiles made fiberglass copies of this original.

"This is the real deal," he said.

Barrett Jackson will auction off the car Saturday. Jackson said that the car probably for will sell $4 million or more, and could easily $5 million above. He said, "Veteran" is probably the most buyer-perhaps a museum or movie companies in connection with the Batman franchise.

"It's one of those wild cards, because we don't really know what it for sale could," he said.

Another headliner at Scottsdale include Clark Gable 1955 Mercedes Gullwing, which could sell for millions. A 1958 could Ferrari 250 GT LWB California spider by Gooding & co. auction is up to $7 million, brought during a 1960 Ferrari 250GT SWB Berlinetta auctioned by RM auctions in $8 could bring millions.

Another piece of Hollywood up for auction is the Dukes of Hazzard trick car that was used in the popular TV series of the 1980s. "General Lee"-1969 Dodge Charger - was more than $60,000 when picked up by the Bonham auctioned.

Also on the block by Bonhams: the car in the infamous Tollbooth scene in "The godfather" in the Sonny Corleone shot is used. He did not survive, but the car has. James Caan at the tollbooth in this car pulled up, but there are bullet holes. Another car was riddled with bullets. There is no estimate how much the 1941 could bring Coupe Lincoln Continental.

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