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Alfa Romeos in the United States until the end of the year will be sold again

Alfa Romeos in the United States until the end of the year will be sold again

Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau

In an apparent turnaround from comments he made just this week, Fiat/Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne revealed that Alfa Romeo brand finally launches his long-awaited return to the United States make to the end of the year with the 4 c's new sports car.

The Executive also revealed that Fiat with Mazda has signed a contract, the them a new 2-seat sports car of the Japanese manufacturer factory from 2015 to produce. It serves as a complement to the Alfa line up and a replacement for the ageing Mazda Miata.

"We the car are now completed," said CEO Marchionne about the new Alfa 4 c, "so it here (should be in the United States) by the end of the year."

The message will resonate is expected also in some circles. Alfa Romeo was once one sells the most popular Italian brand in this country, but it abandoned the U.S. market due to a variety of problems, including poor quality two decades ago. It has since then repeatedly tries, but until now no such efforts were able to gain traction.

Marchionne made the revival of the brand Alfa one of his main points during a day-long Conference in November 2009 its plans to things at Chrysler, turning to break the control of the parent who had emerged to Alfa, Fiat SpA from bankruptcy.

But while the turnaround plan has been the most according to plan, a Media Roundtable has instead schedule dropped back, and while Alfa return, while the North American International Auto show was released on Monday, Marchionne is still be signaled a further delay. It shows that the work on the small 4 C sports car was not yet consent meet card and that he not ready to sign "out of reach" in his debut in the United States as the first new American Alfa model.

"This commitment to bring back Alfa is a one shot deal," he cautioned. "Are we not twice."

Very close to the hearts he hinted was the Powertrain, which he stressed had the right feeling and have assigned the correct sound, long last Alfas. Commment Marchionne known become often politically incorrect in the butt, he explained that it had a "Wop"-engine, one usually negatively on something or someone of Italian descent.

But even after warning system reporter, Marchionne came to the conclusion, "Alfa Romeo comes. «»"No one doubts there.»

It is unclear, the practical Executive allow what has happened in the past four days, a relatively specific timetable for the return to announce. But in his commentary today to an industry breakfast, the Marchionne, note that discussions about Alfa 4 c drive train not completed during the choice of the basic vehicle architecture is and the models in the United States are apparently locked in place.

The 4 C is the sports car, the Fiat is one of the most, as it struggles to revive the once vibrant Alfa, but it start only one of nine models that the manufacturer is confirmed, that it plans, by the year 2016. Alfa, Marchionne said, be a list, including Jeep - one of a group of selected brands of Fiat and Chrysler, the transatlantic alliance will take place globally in the coming years.

Most of these products are to be installed in Italy, but the manufacturer now a rear-wheel drive, small sports car in Japan wants to produce. It is the result of a joint development with Mazda, and it on one of the manufacturer's Japanese plants to be produced.

The project is similar, that Toyota and Subaru, the former producer the sports Coupe in the United States as the Scion FR-S, Subaru his version here under the name plate BR-Z bring together marketing. As part of the new joint venture, which is Mazda to replace the aging Miata sports car. There's no word what Alfa will call his model.

It is clear that Marchionne hopes that the news about Alfa future eventually will end speculation about the ailing brand.

In the last few months have the top officials with German rival Volkswagen AG, Fiat should they sell Alfa repeatedly suggested. Marchionne has repeatedly called, Alfa Romeo is not for sale, and on Monday frustrated told reporters, "I have come up with a German version of 'No'" I think they are called 'No'. "

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