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Toyota Camry can dethrone Ford F-150 in the year 2013.

Toyota Camry can dethrone Ford F-150 in the year 2013.

Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau
The Ford F-series, the best-selling truck in America for three decades and the chart among all vehicles for a quarter was crowned century. The Toyota Camry and Honda Accord not far behind traditional.

In fact, the estimated 14.3 million cars, trucks and crossovers, which are, expected to be sold with time which closed the books on 2012, perhaps the vast majority of this volume make two dozen models. And this list contains a number of usual suspects, such as the F-series, Camry and accord.

This means that the U.S. market is some of the most dramatic changes in the middle in decades experienced. Fuel economy is one reason. Since the middle of the last decade has the compact car segment by almost 13 percent of total U.S. sales by more than 20 percent, a trend likely to continue increased. And new competitors such as the Korean Hyundai and Kia, have even as policy-makers in segments show Detroit new capacity where it has long been "also-rans", especially with midsize sedans, the established order – are shaken.

Based the likely top seller by 2013 24/7 Wall Street on traditional ranking, the first 11 months of the year sales 2011 - and current trends in the industry, a list with the expected next year predicts a turnover of at least 200,000 apiece 16 models.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the prediction that the Camry of the newest generation of the F-series as the nation will dethrone best-selling vehicle for the first time for decades. The Camry is fusion, Honda Accord and Chevrolet Malibu already facing some serious competition from newer players such as the updated 2013 Nissan Altima, Ford and approaching the middle of its life cycle. But in fact, all four of these models are also among the predicted winners.

Sweet 16 includes in particular any models list, whose base price is more than $25,000- or about $5,000 less typical than the current US transaction price, details of the tracking service

Meanwhile, 14 of the 16 inline-four-cylinder options offer. High-mileage-4s are the only powertrains available several models. The two exceptions are the Ford F-series and Chevrolet Silverado. The Ford Pickup scored a great success with its optional V-6 s, including the premium 3.5-liter EcoBoost. Chevy is expected to offer new, higher mileage Powertrain packages when it presents the updated Silverado next year.

The top 10 expects the chart dominated by Japanese makers with six different models. Detroit comes with four options, including the two trucks, as well as the highly acclaimed Ford Fusion sedan and the new Ford Escape crossover. In fact, 24/7 Wall Street expected Ford are three models in the top 10, more than any other manufacturer - and four in the Sweet 16, where it is expected to link with General Motors.

Hyundai, now rounds the 16, landing the last two models - the sonata and Elantra - twice as many as the Nissan.

While light trucks in the U.S. sales charts since the mid 1980s have dominated and they have late lost, is backed by the forecast that it expects bottom six medium-sized sedans under the sweet will be 16 and five compact models.

Three compact crossovers country on the list, but only two classic "truck trucks," the F-series and the Silverado.

Here is the full list the probably best selling cars, trucks, and crossovers for 2013 and expected sales:

(1) Toyota Camry: 483.977

(2) Ford F-150: 455.305

(3) Honda Accord: 387.779

(4) Nissan Altima: 358.187

(5) Honda Civic CRX: 357.621

(6) Toyota Corolla: 333.933

(7) Honda CR-v: 327.955

(8) Ford Fusion: 290.424

(9) Chevrolet Silverado 1500: 282.627

(10) Ford Escape: 273.846

(11) Chevrolet Malibu: 251.403

(12) Chevrolet Cruze: 247.870

(13) Chevrolet Equinox: 247.468

(14) Ford Focus: 243.965

(15) Hyundai Sonata, 235.218

(16) Hyundai Elantra: 215.721

The forecast shows an another significant trend in the American market. Motorists are now an estimated 250 models of US, more than ever before. But this means a smaller and smaller percentage for each product. Only two models are expected to top the 400,000 mark, only five are probably generated in the range of 300,000 sales. The rest ends up somewhere North of 200,000.

Not that many decades back, a long list of offered would regularly top 400,000 or more. At one point, Chevrolet sold Impala 1 million. But as this product trend continues to spread, even the best sellers demand are likely to continue to decline, analysts expect.

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