Friday, December 7, 2012

Ford recalls escape (again) and new fusion

Ford recalls escape (again) and new fusion

Paul A. Eisenstein, NBC News contribution
Ford Motor Co. new escape crossover became the subject of a series of another recalls how the automaker warns since mid-year for the first time - and now stands above versions of popular CUV, equipped with a 1, 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine overheat and could catch fire.

The problem also has an impact, the 2013 Ford Fusion. All in all are affected approximately 89,000 of both models - see Ford's best-selling nameplates.

The latest recall could be a setback not only for the models by 2013-fusion and escape, but for Ford itself. The manufacturer has in recent months in a number of surveys have been hammered satisfaction, quality, and reliability.

According to Ford, the problem includes vehicles only with 1.6 liter turbo EcoBoost engine, an optional Powertrain developed in order to better risks and performance improves. Ford says which can overheat the motor and coolant leakage. She in turn could catch fire if it comes into contact with hot engine components such as E.g. the silencers."We have identified a problem and take measures in the best interest of our customers,"Steve said Kenner, Director of Ford's automotive safety Office. "It is important that the affected customers ignore them remember and as soon as possible, please contact your dealer." "While we are creating the callbacks from inconvenience our customers recognize, take these actions on their behalf, to ensure that their safety we."

So far, the manufacturer confirms reports 12 fires, where the escape and one with the merger.

The manufacturer says drivers appear to receive a warning when the problem develops, a message flashes on the instrument cluster consulting, either "Engine power reduced at lower temps" or "engine temp, sure to stop." Red warning lights and sound games can also indicate a problem. Motorists should take the problem seriously and pull over immediately in the case of such warning, says Ford.

Total 73.320 2013 Ford Escape models under the recall, coincide with 15.833 2013 Ford Fusion sedans. About 80,000 of the affected vehicles were sold in the United States.

The manufacturer says it is looking for a solution to the problem and plans to offer loaners can be performed until repairs to owners.

The announcement of the recall comes less than a week after the 2013 Ford Fusion green car of the year, during a ceremony at the LA Auto show is named. A wide range of high-mileage, low-emission Powertrain options, with the two hybrids and two different ways of the EcoBoost contain jurors welcomed providing new Ford sedan.

The problem might be for Ford, a considerable problem dar, especially if it requires to set the manufacturer, manufacturing and distribution of the 1, 1.6 liter EcoBoost for a long time.

The latest recall could further tarnish the reputation of the Ford escape, one of the industry's biggest sellers in the compact crossover segment. The model 2013 migrates to a car-based platform from the traditional body frame, truck-like.

The flight was also the subject of numerous reminded since July. Weeks after debuting the crossover was the subject of a service action due to possible fuel line leak. The situation was serious enough for Ford owners advise parking the vehicle and resellers in soak for repairs. A later callback involves a potential coolant leak-in this case one connector defective coolant tracks.

Ford says that free of charge for owners of the affected vehicles repairs make it.

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