Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Toyota, Honda, the essentially reminds in 2012

Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau
Japan's two largest auto manufacturers appear in a race to achieve the dubious distinction of recalled more vehicles than any other car manufacturer during 2012 for an array of safety problems that are locked in the area fire hazards for the safety belt.

The latest issue includes 140,000 Toyota Tacoma pickups, which the manufacturer says, corrosion could strongly enough to find out that their space tires could fall off while driving. Toyota has recalled several models, including its Sienna minivan, for similar problems in the past.

The announcement comes barely a month after Toyota, that there would be worldwide due to a faulty window switch call back 7.5 million vehicles, which could catch fire, it was also 2.5 million vehicles sold in the United States the largest single recall in the history of the manufacturer. Followed by days of Honda announcement of three separate safety recalls affect 1.7 million vehicles.

The two automakers have led together in 2009 and 2010 largely the list of recalled vehicles for the last three years Toyota and Honda by its massive problems with so-called unintended acceleration in 2011 after a series of problems including defective airbags.

This year so far, according to sales figures despite such problems, no manufacturer seems to be much impetus to the U.S. market losing. Quite the contrary. Toyota and Honda have experienced some of the biggest sales gains in years - although at least some of this year compared with the previous year increases were the result of last year's Japanese earthquake and tsunami, both manufacturers fighting to leave with product shortages. Many potential customers was to wait until this year, supplies were normal again.

Analyst Rebecca Lindland of IHS automotive no current security issues expected Toyota's way loyal buyers, drive, though, that has warned "for those people on the fence about buying a Toyota, this will affect. It could be more difficult getting new buyers into the showroom."

Work to their favor, however, have the two makers continue well in a variety of the last quality and reliability studies scored. The three sold the diagram in the latest consumer reports automotive reliability investigation Toyota brand in the United States, Lexus, Scion, and Toyota, crowned, for example. But a senior car testers for the non-profit magazine pointed out that it takes not reminded to consider in determining the reliability of the individual brands.

Who are remembered most of the vehicles that this year remains to be seen. Toyota seemed announced a massive service action on the track of NAB this dubious honor again in 2011 - to Honda in the last days of the year.

, Security checkpoints through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in fact now is more affecting almost 700,000 of its Odyssey of minivans and SUVs Honda Pilot compared to. It is far from sure that reminds those actions, leads, and even if they did, whether any announcement would come in 2012.

Meanwhile, the two Japanese manufacturers are certainly not the only ones who have had safety problems in recent months.

Chrysler Jeep brand reminds 919.000 of his liberty and Grand Cherokee SUVs this month due to a problem with the airbag. And Ford before an airbag problem for themselves, in the last month with the Fiesta subcompact. Has the larger of the two U.S. manufacturers, meanwhile, experienced a string of recalls with its popular escape SUV both older than new launched this year.

Analysts say that Ford bigger issue a general trip including the consumer reports reliability study and the recent J.D. power quality initial tour of quality charts was.

The latest Toyota recall looks Tacoma pickups in 20 States in cold weather as well as the District of Columbia between 2001 and 2004 sold. The spare wheel is stored under the truck bed in these vehicles, where the plate that holds it in position can be corroded by the contact with the road salt. The manufacturer plans to repair without cost to the consumer.

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