Thursday, November 29, 2012

GM calls through voice-activated tech Siri organizational units

GM calls through voice-activated tech Siri organizational units

Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau
General Motors is getting Siri organizational units through its voice-activated Infotainment technology. The manufacturer plans to launch the Apple iPhone popular voice-activated personal assistant technology on three of its Chevrolet models early next year.

The technology enables to do change many things of already older, less advanced voice-controlled car technologies, such as music, radio station found a driver or plugging into a target. But Siri is designed to go further to add access to an iPhone contact, for example, or review, or dates and even a local business, store or restaurant to find.

"Safe, easy, reliable and portable connectivity is a top priority for our customers and Siri complements MyLink that contribute to create an incredible driving experience that is available," said Cristi Landy, Chevrolet small cars Marketing Manager, referring to the brand's latest Infotainment technology.

The technology is offered 2014 spark EV battery electric vehicle subcompact and spark minicar, and the new in the conventionally powered Chevrolet Sonic. It will connect via Bluetooth technology for these vehicles with MyLink. And GM will now find a special Siri activation button on the steering wheel, similar to the button that already have many vehicles to enable traditional voice technologies.

The three models reach an audience usually young, tech-savvy and GM estimates that more than 90 percent of its buyers already have smartphones. But Siri could later be integrated into other models. The manufacturer announced a version of the next-generation of the ChevyMyLink system to the upcoming remake by his great Impala.

Apple Siri 4 series introduced to the latest version of the iPhone, and it is standard on all models for new iPhone 5. The manufacturer has specified, so that the function integrated also his interest in working vehicles through the addition of a special button "Siri" with manufacturers, but marketing manager Landy boasted the "Chevrolet has announced that Siri free ability in the spark and Sonic available face eyes of luxury brands,

The eyes blocked free mode is still more complex activities, which will be a distraction, such as those, could prove a motorists to consider, to take the phone or the car video screen, measures would have to.

Distracted driving an important concern among safety advocates, U.S. Department of transportation Chief Ray LaHood has, who appreciate recently more than 11 percent of all highway deaths with road distractions such as SMS can be connected. Proponents, stress, however, that controlled technologies such as Siri, distracted driving voice can be reduced.

Other automakers, including Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Honda and Toyota allegedly work with adding Apple Siri capability. Mercedes-Benz has already a voice control feature announced the it as iPhone- as described, although it has not confirmed plans for adding a button of Siri.

Infotainment technology, especially the voice all are enabled when necessary for automakers appeal to buyers in the digital age of hope.

"We have more people coming to Ford, because they know we have better Infotainment technology," said Jim Farley, Ford Motor Co. of global marketing director in an interview with

Ford was one of the early pioneers of the technology with the sync system, which was developed through a partnership with Microsoft. But it has also found out that the infotainment systems can be both good news and bad. The manufacturer has taken sharp responses from consumers and critics for problems with the operation of its car technologies. Fiesta mini car, which should be easier to use announced Ford this week an updated version of its MyFordTouch system for the year 2014.

A critical decision makers is designed to simplify the operation of such technologies with a focus on, so that motorists can use conventional speech rather than to learn rigid command language, which perform a number of steps to an otherwise simple process how to pair a Smartphone requires.

Together with Siri feature, the system Chevy MyLink builds its ability of a driver to integrate the choice of music, such as access to different Smartphone apps. And in an other potential breakthrough, some Chevrolet models with BringGo can link Navi app based on a Smartphone, it is available for only $50, a fraction of the cost for a typical car navigation system.

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