Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More US women than men have driving license

Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau
As this has clearly shown month presidential elections, there is a significant demographic change in America - and you need to check that voter roles, to confirm that not. Just looking around you on the highway.

More women than men's study now a driver's license have a new Transportation Research Institute at the University of Michigan or UMTRI, the gender trends in driving licences between 1995 and 2010 looked at.

The gap will show expected to continue widening the study, that the number of Americans with a driver's license has to shrink over the past 15 years was. The decline in men 25 to 29 years already twice as large as females.

"The demographic gender require large impact on the size and type of vehicle energy consumption and road safety", said Michael Sivak, co-author of the study.

While the right to vote in most of the country by the time that won, rolled Henry Ford his first model T, efforts to the women of the street little momentum during the early 20.Jahrhundert still had earned women not saying Margaret Walsh, author of "Sex and the car in the United States."

"they were outnumbered in the minority," writes Walsh "and your driving style often mocked men." However, it added, "could see women as men, the benefits of a freer movement."

In the 1950s the driving test - had given millions of women, although only half reach driving age in the Eisenhower era, when women to stay at home and were expected to raise a family, had received a license yet.

But when the idea of women's Liberation began to bite, the trend in gear shifted. In 1995, the number of women with a license was only slightly behind 87.4 million to 89.2 million men. And vice versa, even the gap up to the year 2010 with 105.7 million licensed 104.3 million American women compared to men.

The UMTRI study finds that the gap varies according to age. There was a remarkable decline in recent years the number of teenagers who get their licenses. Almost every fourth, which didn't bother 19 year old, as of 2008, the Michigan research group in a study published discovered last summer compared to one in eight back in the 1970s.

Meanwhile, the new report UMTRI, that while the share of men aged between 25 and 29 licenses receive has fallen 10.6 per cent in the last 15 years, it has fallen only 4.7 per cent among women shows.

Men are still dominated by older drivers. This probably reflects the fact that it slightly more men by a ratio of 105 to 100 in the United States than women born. But the ladies after 70 years catch up because men are less likely to live so long - with a life expectancy of 75 years, compared to 80 years for women. The UMTRI study shows older women hang their licenses longer.

Margaret Dunning landed in the headlines after 102 this year - and driving is still 82 years had 740 Roadster the Packard. Describes himself as "just a farm girl", they have learned how go at 8 and was officially licensed by 12, after the death of her father.

As to why fewer men their license get, experts show on a variety of factors, including the economy: vehicles are specially designed for insurance companies in recent years much more expensive become.

Sampson suggests that the rise of the Internet and the increased use of Smartphone technology in the game can be. "Virtual Contact", he said, "reduces the need of actual contact."

On the other side can see women getting a license and a car as a sign of liberation.

But who is really more the better driver? Different studies come up with contradictory results.

Would suggest a 2011 UMTRI study published in the journal traffic injury prevention found that female driver run far more into each other much higher rise than are likely to be pure coincidence. Crashes with two women were "over-represented" according to Sampson.

Then again, one found 2011 MetLife Auto & home safety American pulse survey that women receive fewer cards for reckless driving and accident about 50 percent less often than men die.

Bad driver jokes aside, it seems that most women detect who is doing a better job on the road. According to the new study by MetLife 51 percent of women believe they're better drivers with only 25 per cent men; the rest are undecided. Show in men, which included the streets, only 39 percent say they govern in the survey with 26 percent on their female counterparts.

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