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"Downsizing" car means not Downgrade--j.d. power

Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters

People see a Porsche Cayenne GTS car during one day press preview at the AMI car show in Leipzig June 1, 2012.

By Paul A. Eisenstein, NBC News logged-in user
American motorists no longer need, worry about what they have to, victims, if in a larger car for a smaller trade.

A new study released Wednesday by market research firm j.d. power and Associates finds that "anywhere" vendors offer small car buyers the type of features and amenities, which not even could have taken them in larger vehicles a decade ago.

And out to the most expensive and exotic, the industry provides the most basic transport far more than ever before, makes the annual APEAL study according to the automotive performance, execution and layout looks.

"Better cars than we've ever seen, are car manufacturers design" said Dave Sargent, power Director automobile Division line. "It is not only one or two manufacturers." "It's across the Board, which means that for the consumer it is a good time to be in the automotive market."

Traditionally meant "downsizing" to save money or to the reduction of fuel consumption, sacrificing comfort, performance and some other functions usually in larger and more expensive products found. But with increasing competition and as American motorists begin to shrink in large numbers, which the industry has responded, through the provision of smaller vehicles, which no longer fall into the Econobox category, beating Sargent.

"The average small car today as well as the medium-sized car is, that a person in, could now be traded" he said finding better functionality and improved fuel consumption it probably has.

Good news is that, when you consider that 27 percent makes by the respondents for the 2012 APEAL study 74,000 new vehicle owners reduced. Only 13 percent of "Upsizing." The rest purchased or leased a vehicle in the same segment before.

While small car owners with their purchases are satisfied, the latest APEAL study shows that drivers always still very satisfied with said "great, fast, expensive cars," Sargent, "the probably no surprise." Porsche shows the diagram for the eighth year in a row with Jaguar posting the sharpest improvement under luxury of Marques. European brands well act as a whole.

This largely reflects the results of the most recent j.d. power quality initial survey. But there is a distinct difference between the IQS and APEAL. "Things gone wrong", while the more recent study examines what may refer to the industry "Things gone right" those factors that surprise and inspire an owner and even low quality problems overcome the former measures. A particularly attractive design, a powerful engine, could include better fuel economy or a high-tech Infotainment System.

In particular created this digital information and entertainment systems in the IQS--published in the June-the biggest category of complaints. But according to APEAL, also the source of considerable praise, if they work properly.

Stressed Sargent are Ford Sync as "a double-edged sword", "because most people find satisfying them, if they work as expected." "But a small but significant minority problems."

That a system such as sync now can be ordered in a small car, as the Ford Fiesta underlines that the design and the development of even their most basic products approach changes the manufacturer, shows the 2012 APEAL study.

But small cars to generate even lower values in the study. And introduction of a new entry-level model can a manufacturer as Hyundai has happened. It released a rare decline in the 2012 APEAL because of the new accent, the brand model mix move down.

Between the individual brands Dodge showed the biggest improvement in the mainstream, especially because there are some its older, lower-rated models like calibre, fall has that replaces this year with the new Dodge Dart.

Chevrolet has received the most awards in individual vehicle segments, total three for avalanche, Sonic and Volt. Seven other brands received two awards: Audi, Dodge, Ford, KIA, mini, Nissan and Porsche.

Suzuki was the bottom rank, 745 points compared to an average industry 788. Other brands in the bottom five were in ascending order: Scion, smart, Mitsubishi and Subaru.

Porsche topped the chart with a score of 887. This was followed by Jaguar, BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Luxury manufacturers accounted for 11 top brands-12 If you include Britain's mini.

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