Friday, July 6, 2012

Shares of Ford Motor South to warning

Shares of Ford Motor South to warning

John Sommers II / REUTERS

A Ford assembly plant in Louisville, KY.

Shares of the U.S. based automaker Ford South drive concerns losses abroad Friday by 4 percent to just under $9 in the heart of the company.

Ford's shares bucked the performance of the overall market, which rallied strongly Friday that heads of State and Government of the euro area after agreed, rescue means banks can be used to stabilize the region.

Ford said in a Government filing late Thursday its profit in the second quarter come under the $2.40 billion, which last year made. Ford expects around 570 million $ outside of North America in the quarter-three times to lose the $190 million loss in the first quarter before taxes.

"We expect continued good results, for North America Ford and Ford credit in the second quarter, but are our operations outside of North America are under increasing pressure," the company said.

Ford said that its South America unit to growing competition and pricing pressure, as well as the weakening, currencies and unexpected and undesired changes in government policy, the trade and access to foreign currency to influence.

In Europe Ford said "The situation significantly deteriorated" since they were car manufacturers instructions at the beginning of the year.

"Because our strong presence in the region, we are affected by the severe economic crisis, aggravated by a severe competitive environment as a manufacturer to lower consumer demand and excess production capacity, react", said Ford.

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