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5 DOS and Don'ts when dealing with a mechanic

With the average age of the vehicles according to the market research company r.l. Polk in Southfield Michigan choose cost-conscious consumer, currently on the road, the record of 10.8 years their existing cars and trucks are running trade, rather than going for new models. Unfortunately as a consumer reports survey reveals, this also means that many drivers required repair or maintenance as a cost-saving measure to postpone are.

Unfortunately delayed service not only false economy represents, it can affect a car safety. The car care experts from AAA Motor Club in Heathrow, Florida believe, the best way, is to save money over the lifetime of a vehicle, choose a high-quality, full service repair shop (or dealer Service Department) and allow them to do all necessary maintenance and repair work. "This prevents drive fallout, often saving money by the fact that later driver is now a small repair to make much larger instead of one", says John Nielsen, AAA Director of automotive repair.

But the decision to bring in a car for the service is only half of the rent. To the best of their maintenance and repair dollars must consumers know how deal best with an automotive technicians, so that a journey is finally pissed off to the store not. An informal survey of independent mechanics and repair experts under the direction of the online auto service resource is here to follow a list of commandments and to avoid bans, if a car for maintenance and repairs.

1. Right to communicate
The better a consumer one can to convey mechanic, what is wrong with his vehicle, the easier is for a technician to diagnose it and fix the problem. It is a good idea, make a note ahead of time that what ails your drive, finding certain sounds, sensations, leaks and smells, and when and how often they occur. What happened shortly before the car stopped; How did work there, the day before it started? Also brought Note: If the last one was for service, because today's problem of last month's repairs can be used.

Here is a list of terms that can help explain common automatic features that can serve as a checklist for a vehicle that is headed for the repair shop:

Go to the rear. A shot like sound that comes from the engine or exhaust.Bottom: Uberma?iger noise or hardness, generally through the steering wheel or passenger compartment, in the go over bumps is perceived.Ruckeln: this is felt when the engine hesitates or transmission slips because it changes gears and the car stumbling.

Dieseling: What occurs if a driver continues to fuel consumption and is just running after the car is turned off.Hesitation: A short voltage loss at Beschleunigung.Klopfen: "Detonation" is also a quick rattle, which is heard during the acceleration.Misfire: Hesitation, that occurs when the engine its cylinder not properly ignite fuel in one or more of the.Shimmy: A page to-page movement, which can feel through the tire and/or wheel.Slow: How does feel a car if it accelerates enough not smooth or strong will.Surge: A sudden, usually to the top, change the engine speed.

2. Realistic expectations
When it comes to the auto repairs, fast, cheap and good terms are usually mutually. Be prepared for projects to get a car into the shop for the better part of a day necessary service and to pay the going rate for parts and labor. Even if there is a quick fix to it may be to realize several other cars in front of you in the mechanic service queue. Front ask how long the car need transport to and from the repair available are arrange in the shop and on the. And you get always a quote before the mechanics with repairs or service will continue to allow.

3. Do not dirty or overloaded vehicle drop off
This is not only common courtesy, it can affect the quality of the repair. Give your ride before it brings on service and make sure the rear seat and trunk, items such as strollers, to turn off golf clubs and equipment. The mechanic has to remove, to run access on a part or a special repair, or they can weigh the vehicle down as far as it is on his performance.

4. Make themselves available
Make sure phone numbers with the shop, to leave where to reach you and to respond immediately. If the technician not in the position, please contact to authorize a repair, the car will sit and remain unattended for so much longer. As well, you should know that the car is finished and how much of the service before it costs back to the shop.

5, Let alone the technician
Almost every mechanic carried out in the course of his service survey not liked customers floating on him or her, while they worked. While it spend time with your car and the mechanic, to explain the problem, it is disruptive and can be dangerous. If you for a diagnosis or quick service lounging around will be in the waiting room place take a cup of coffee, and let a professional, to do its work.

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