Friday, June 29, 2012

The search is for America's ugliest car

The search is for America's ugliest car

The Detroit Bureau

Is this America's "sweetest lemon"?

By Paul A. Eisenstein the Detroit BureauWe, all have seen rusted out, dinged up lemons, paint, peeling, bumpers are missing and hang bumpers with a bungee cord. But which of them is really America's ugliest car? That is what the people of Hagerty insurance - want to find out and the winner among the losers might be for a sweet surprise in the context of the second annual "quest for America's cutest lemons."

The main prize is an all expenses paid trip to the year's most exclusive automotive event, Monterey classic car week in California Thorsten Pebble Beach.

The winning car for the ride, occur along with rarities like a Bugatti Royale, and some equally rare gems celebrated. Accordingly, the winner of contest cutest lemons serve as Grand Marshal of the Concours d ' LeMons, now Hagerty renamed tour of lemons.

The event is a model that requires participants to come with the cheapest, rudest and crudest Junkers, who can find them. Simply to survive the race with the cars in General is considered a measure of victory.

"We believe all cars are beautiful and deserves celebrated are," said McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty. "This is an opportunity, this eccentric, quirky and strange vehicles." "Many cars that were displayed once as hopeless now enjoy an enthusiastic, cult following."

Whether the winners their own cult - complete with auto groupies or not - will develop remains to be seen, but there is a growing counterculture for really horrible cars, as shown by the increasing success of today's tour of lemons.

The great race just a few kilometres take place away from the Lodge at Pebble Beach, where the 2012 Concours d'Elegance is scheduled. It is generally the most exclusive vintage car event in the world and attracts routinely to some of the rarest cars in the world compete - some only after restoration efforts, the $10 million, considerably more than the entire field on the tour of lemon to the top can.

Who risk going against America's other large lemon wants can send a photo of their car and a short description why it deserves baptized "Americas cutest lemon." Contributions can be sent from Sunday, July 8 at . Top 10 candidates become public voting from July 11-20 on the Hagerty Web site published.

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