Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rev your next car rentals

By Rob Lovitt, msnbc.com contributor

If the prospect of the rental of even one other Chevrolet Aveo or Ford lets you yawning merger, look at you this a wake up call: car rental companies expand their fleet high performance and exotic automobiles.

Last week, Avis, announced that it Chevrolet Camaro convertible on his cool car collection have added. The 400-HP Camaro SS and 312 HP Camaro LT are places for selected U.S. available.


Why follow when you can go high performance?

A few days later, Hertz announced that it was extending its adrenaline collection the Lotus Evora sports car (top speed: 162 mph). Unfortunately, it is introduced only in Europe, so that you have a not in the position most LAX or JFK to pick up.

"The high-performance/exotic car business is larger, definitely," said industry consultant Jim sound mountain. "More and more players are getting into."

This is good news for fans of fast cars and stylish rides, however, should a yellow marker for those who think, raised their ranks. Leasing a Corvette or Camaro, let alone a Lamborghini Murcielago is not like your average Aveo or borrow Yaris.

Needless to say, you should the usual precautions – do a walk-around for existing damage, perhaps a few photos click to check etc.. But there are also special considerations that you should keep in mind before you behind the wheel:

Get what you deserve:"People build their holidays around these cars," said Philip Reed, senior consumer advice editor for Edmunds. "Before you get it, check with a phone call that the car you want there, and that it is gas-killed and washed ready for you."

Make sure, you are covered: While your credit card probably some insurance offers, is no guarantee that it will treat your rent hot rod. "Ask you do not need to have the insurance", said sound mountain. "Question is better," I'll be a Corvette to rent. "If I until will crush you pay it?'"

Defensive driving: Speaking you can see insurance, you'll get these cars differently. These Lotus are can create very low to the ground, the visibility of issues, and this Mercedes and BMW's are so isolated, as fell 60 to 90. Even a thing can cost some serious scratches.

See your wallet: Of course, you are pushed numbers daily or weekly, but note that many high rentals include not unlimited mileage. Hertz and Avis are 700-1 000 miles free, but charge anywhere from $. 40$ 75 per mile after that. "You are renting a Rolls Royce and numbers a fee per-mile from the entrance," said sound mountain. "We are talking $1$ 2 per mile."

Act your age: We're sorry, children. While it is easier for those under twenty-five more cars for rent in these days, is the same not true for many powerful and exotic cars. Even if you can, you can expect a "young tenant" premium numbers.

Enjoy the ride: "If you rent an exotic car, people assume that it sell,", said Reed. "Is there any way pretend that you are a high roller."


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