Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GM CEO in the value of $1.3 million shares

DETROIT - General Motors co. is reward its top manager with shares currently worth more than $1.3 million.

In a filing Monday with the said securities and Exchange Commission U.S., GM was Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson 42,360 stock units on March 31 as part of his compensation. Akerson is paid in three installments from March of next year.

The stock units are now $ 1.37 million based on current share price of GM, but Akerson get, what value they are on the day they are paid.

Akerson, a former telecommunications Executive, was GM CEO last fall and led the company through an initial public offering in November. He is expected to get a pay package in the amount of $ 9 million for 2010, including $ 1.7 million in pay.

Last week, said the US Treasury Department Akerson's is 2011 limited to $9 million pay. To borrow the company 49.5 billion $ in the reorganization bankruptcy took over the Treasury Department in GM a 61 percent in 2009. The parts cut off, to 26.5 percent in November, but can pay set still for companies, even their federal aid be repaid which are.

GM also said Monday that Vice President Stephen Girsky currently similar received shares in the amount of $828,406 under a compensation plan as Akerson's.

GM shares fell 2 cents to $32.39 to close.

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