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5 Tips for dealing with car dealers

There are a few of the cardinal rules that apply for any negotiation. If you are the buyer, you will almost never anything less than your first offer. The first number that you used the baseline, judged by which all subsequent offers on the table and compare. If you set the bar too high, you can be little wiggle room a deal cutting to a number you like.

It comes to cars, assume the attitude that you are always way if you do not what you want, and go to a different dealer. This ability gives you the upper hand over all car salesmen, no matter how cunning and experienced they may be. Use this power to your advantage.

Here are a few more tips that might help.

1. Do your homework
Arm himself with as much information as possible about the car that you want to buy. Magazines and Web sites are a good source, as well as the Kelley Blue book, if you are in the market for a used car.

Find out if it not public traders of hold back and financial incentives that directly benefit the retailer. A cancellation reserve is a percentage of sales, which is repaid by the manufacturer to the dealer. The vehicle thus artificially raises the dealer costs on paper and are shown the vehicle more expensive than it really is. Their goal is to take the money away from the dealer and put it in your own pocket.

Bring your research with you to the vendors, including fair values, current discounts, offers, financing and trade-in estimates. An important aspect of the negotiation is a good deal, the seller to convince that you know what you are talking about before the trial. If you your credibility right at the beginning to have, is this the seller notice set up, that you are not a pushover.

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(2) You have a budget
Many merchants are asked whether you have a budget, or highest level to which you want to spend. Answer big question, but not directly. You should have a budget, but keep it to yourself. Their leverage, lower than your budget, disappears when you open, set this number because the seller now know what you are ready to negotiate.

You want to get the best car, you can while spending the least money possible to buy it. When you are asked if you have a budget to respond to that of the amount you will spend from the car and attractiveness depends on the whole deal. Are intentionally vague.

Review your financial situation and find out how much car you can realistically afford. In the location you would like to, offers and counter-proposals to make without this calculation on the ground must.

3. Consider your timing
If you buy at the end of a year model, merchants have to clean their available resources to make room for the new models. While a year lose depreciation and amortization, which is a decisive factor, if you plan to keep the car for several years. Retailers advertise special discounts at different times of the year and on some holidays.

If your purchase at one of these hours, you can not, you can be not, to stop you. Many retailers give the same discounts all year round when you are ready to negotiate for them.

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4. Bring a friend
It is not uncommon that a seller reinforcements to bring, if you do not seem to stir. If you have someone with you, they can run interference and some sales distract pitches. This can be useful, if you against several sellers. Can your friend in a "good Cop - bad Cop" approach where your friend acts as a bad COP and makes you meet as a buyer and appear reasonable. Make sure that your friend is completely in advance informed about the role, which you want to play it.

This can work to your advantage, if the sales manager in the negotiation, to break a deadlock. He has generally more authority than the seller to price reductions.

5. Dress the part
You do not to look, how to burn money. When you trade in an old car, drive to the dealer and let the new Mercedes in the garage. Dress casually, but professionally. Sloppiness will not help, because the seller thinks that he waste time with you is. If you are lucky, are a Zadora, you, have to be at home.

At the dealer
There are services from consumer organisations and insurance companies that you can deploy with car cost data, and you can find some a fee. If you spend several thousand dollars of a new car, it is value issues a few to get this information. It will pay off in the long term.

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