Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Remember, resolve issues: Aston Martin

Remember, resolve issues: Aston Martin
Aston Martin has reviewed great quality control and is confident that problems can be resolved in connection with a potentially defective car part, a Senior Executive from the CNBC's luxury automaker said on Wednesday.

UK-based Aston Martin said last week it was more than 17,000 cars due to a possibly defective part after a discovery be remembered that a Chinese suppliers was used allegedly fake plastic material, in which the gas pedal.

"We have great quality control tests, noticed that some problems and problems, and we resolve that any customers are really affected by her", said Marek Reichman, Director of design for Aston Martin, CNBC Asia squawk box.

"We will fix the problem, bring the production back in a controllable State in the UK," he added.

The news about the recall has raised some concerns about the procurement of major auto parts from global automotive manufacturer from China without appropriate quality control procedures.

There were no reports of any accidents involving potentially defective parts according to UK-based Aston Martin.

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Talk about Aston Martin advance in other areas who said luxury retail, Reichman, that this was related to the lifestyle associated with have an Aston Martin - a car that is presented in a series of James Bond films.

"Part of the Aston Martin-lifestyle," Reichman said.

"Design of the product and a sports car is important, but it is we have taken the lifestyle around the stroller, what typically is a British sports car and produced a luxury brand," he added. "So we have the selection of jewelry, bicycles, we have other things to support the brand and its values."

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